Splitgate Referral Codes: How To Use And Get Rewards

Splitgate has a reward system for regulars who can refer fresh players to play this new first person shooter title. Both the referrer and the new player will get rewards once a certain level is reached. Here's how you can use the referral system in this game.

How To Use Referral Codes

Every Splitgate account has a 6-character referral code that can be found at the Rewards Center tab in the game. Players can find this tab near the Play button at the lower right.

Both the Referral Code redeem and your own Referral Code can be found at the same page. Players will need to remember this page if they want to cash in on the referral system of the game. The loot for the referral system are cosmetics that can vary from Epic to Legendary.

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How To Get Referral Code Rewards

To get started, you'll need to ask your friends to start playing Splitgate. The game is free to download on Steam which can make it an easy sell for many players. Once they get started, players will need to input the code before they reach level 10 as they can't redeem codes after that.

To get the reward for the referral, the friend must reach up to level 10 to count. Keep playing the game with your friends and exchange referral codes with each other and reach the level to get that.

Referral Code Rewards List

The Splitgate Referral System actually has five rewards ready. Here are the rewards:

  • Legendary Ritual Plasma Rifle Skin
  • Epic Recruiter Name Tag
  • Epic Racer Pistol Skin
  • Epic Splitgate Banner
  • Legendary Wildfire SMG Skin

All of these rewards can be obtained at 5 Referral Points. At best, ask and recruit around five of your friends to hit level 10 in Splitgate.

For beginners, Splitgate is fairly fun as the game is young and many players are still figuring out. Try the game out with friends.

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