Splitgate’s “Spookygate” Update Is Now Live, Bringing in a New Stadium

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Splitgate has seen huge growth these last few months. Following an open beta back in July, 1047 Games' competitive sci-fi first-person shooter has been a success, resulting in delays to full release whilst obtaining $100 million in funding.

Now, Spookygate is upon us for Halloween. So, what can we expect from this update? 1047 Games are promising several new additions, including:

  • Haunted menus
  • Spooky Stadium
  • Halloween Challenges
  • Player banners in killcams
  • Fixed Daily and Weekly Challenges

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Splitgate’s “Spookygate” Update Is Now Live, Bringing in a New Stadium

Joining this update is an adjustment to how portals work, replacing them when the same portal is shot onto itself. There's your usual slate of bug fixes too, alongside a new button to alert players when an Esports event is live. You can see Spookygate in action below.

At this time, there's still no word from 1047 Games about Splitgate leaving Season 0 to enter full release, but they've been pretty successful as is so far. Soon as there's further Splitgate news, we'll be certain to keep you updated.

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