Splitgate’s Latest Update Adds Voice Chat Stability and Nvidia Reflex

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Splitgate is currently in the middle of Season 0, adding Karman Station as a new map, alongside the Contamination Mode.

Within the latest update, developers 1047 Games has introduced a few fixes to improve its current season. That includes the introduction of Nvidia Reflex, mantling for ledge grabbing, improvements to Contamination, and more.


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Splitgate's Latest Update Adds Voice Chat Stability And Nvidia Reflex

The Nvidia Reflex tool is designed to reduce input latency in gameplay but is currently exlcusive to Nvidia GPUs. While bugs associated with Karman Station have also been addressed. In addition to these changes, playlist features have been amended with multiple ranked playlists now being present. While rumble and casual modes are now available in “Quick Play” playlists.

Splitgate Season 0: September Update

The full list of notes for September's patch is below:



  • Karman Station Optimizations - Performance Improvements + Crash Fixes
  • Karman Station returns to normal map rotation


  • Added ability to queue multiple ranked playlists
  • Combining rumble modes and casual modes into a “Quick Play” playlist
  • Adding limited time featured playlists that are available on the weekends (includes rumble modes + new mode variants)
  • Lower chance of running into bots queuing Quick Play

Game Modes

  • Contamination Improvements
  • Scoring Tweaks - Zombies get 2 points per kill
  • Last Man Standing Indicator
  • Players can no longer start as zombies in consecutive rounds
  • Zombie Indicator Improvements
  • New Zombie Notification
  • Adding New Announcement Voice Lines


  • Mantling - Adding support for mantling (ledge grabbing). Designed as jetpack boost so that there is not first person animation that interferes with aim/gunplay. Option to turn off in Settings > Gameplay

UI / Quality of Life

  • Voice Chat Stability Improvements
  • Console users can now redeem DLC codes
  • KOTH/DOM Hill Visibility improvements
  • Adding ability to customize enemy armor color, enemy outline color, friendly outline color and friendly color through walls
  • Projectile hit detection improvements through portals


  • NVIDIA Reflex
  • Various Crash Fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Added Inflated Alabastra big head... Whoops! 🤦