Splitgate's Full Release Gets Delayed Into August

Splitgate's been quite a hit for 1047 Games. Having launched an open beta last week, this competitive sci-fi first-person shooter acts like a mix between Halo and Portal, proving so popular there's been active server issues. Previously due to launch today, Splitgate's full launch has been delayed as a result.

With over 2 million people downloading Splitgate's crossplay beta, 1047 Games confirmed they've seen over 75k concurrent players in recent days, causing a strain. So, while much of Splitgate's launch content goes live today like three new maps and customisation options, it'll remain in open beta until August.

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Splitgate's Full Release Gets Delayed Until August

Speaking further about this, 1047 co-founder Ian Proulx confirmed:

Our team has been blown away by the incredible reception the Splitgate community has shown us. With the steep and sudden increase in players trying to access servers, we're having to sort out a myriad of technical issues that come with this level of insane growth. We've worked hard to provide a high-quality game and experience, and our biggest challenge is simply to have enough capacity to serve the entire community

Splitgate’s open beta is currently available between PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, featuring cross-play between these platforms. There's no word on a Nintendo Switch version just yet and if you've been facing authentication errors on other platforms, we've got you covered.

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