Is Splitgate Crossplay?

With everyone playing Splitgate these last few weeks and the game seeing so much success the servers have been struggling to keep up, many players have been asking if Spligate crossplay is a thing.

The answer is absolutely yes, and it's available on every platform Splitgate is on.

Splitgate does have crossplay support, meaning that whether your friends are playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, you will be able to party up and win some matches together.

Obviously that means no Nintendo Switch, though whenever 1047 does launch Splitgate on Switch, we'll likely see crossplay extended to that as well.

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Is Splitgate Crossplay?

To start a Splitgate crossplay game, go to the friends tab, and either send your Splitgate ID to a friend so they can invite you or host a game yourself by inviting other friends.

Splitgate crossplay is enabled by default. If you don't want that - if, for example, you don't fancy going up against an aim-assist player - then head to the Privacy tab in your options. You can disable crossplay there.

Note that while the Splitgate server situation has improved a fair bit since the beta launched, disabling Splitgate crossplay means matchmaking takes longer.

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