Is There Aim Assist in Splitgate?

Is there aim assist in Splitgate?

In its Season 0 announcement, 1047 Games confirmed the controversial feature most shooters have is in Splitgate as well, but only for console players.

That should come as no surprise to genre fans. Other games, including Apex Legends, include aim assist to help close the accuracy gap between console players and those using keyboard and mouse.

While Respawn's battle royale might be doing away with aim assist in the near future, 1047 Games apparently has no such plans.

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Is There Aim Assist in Splitgate?

As with other, similar games, Splitgate's aim assist means that the crosshairs automatically follow targets for console players.

It's not a feature that grants instant headshots, but it does make up for the decrease in precision one gets from aiming with a control stick instead of a mouse.

Some players aren't happy about it and criticized 1047's decision to add it, though as yet, there's no way to disable it or play in matches without aim assist.

The only way to guarantee you won't go up against a player with aim assist is turning off cross-play support.

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