Splitgate Season 0 Is Live Now with New Map, Mode

Splitgate Season 0 is live now, bringing with it a heap of new updates for the popular arena shooter.

Splitgate Season 0 introduces Karman Station as a new map, along with Contamination Mode. Contamination Mode has two teams face off, one confined to using melee weapons only and the other free to act as usual. Dead players respawn as a member of the contaminated team.

Another big change is with the Battle Pass. Splitgate's pass now has 100 levels with more chances to earn currency and items, though as with all such passes, some items are available only for people who purchase the pass.

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Splitgate Season 0 Is Live Now with New Map, Mode

Meanwhile, 1047 Games still expects Splitgate to remain in beta for the foreseeable future.

The game's popularity proved too much for the original servers to handle, and after some quick fixes to increase capacity, the team decided to postpone a full launch to ensure the best experience possible.

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