Sims 4 Player Completes Game’s Most Annoying Challenge

A promo screenshot for The Sims 4.
Credit: EA

When they’re not producing picture-perfect recreations of the Love Island villa, having werewolf graduation ceremonies, or putting the finishing touches on a sim resembling Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Sims players also enjoy collecting things.

This love isn’t just limited to bringing as many Keanu Reeves clones together as humanly possible either, as one player has recently proven.

Putting on their gardening gloves and picking up their finest hoe, this intrepid individual has amassed the kind of horticulture hoard that can only usually be found in garden centres.

One Sims Player Has Shown They Have the Ultimate Green Fingers

This agrarian achievement is the subject of a recent thread in the subreddit r/thesims, which began with a post from appropriately named user Quinnie-The-Gardener featuring an image of their impressive collection captioned: “I’ve done it… the most tedious and annoying collectible challenge has been completed… I’ve gathered all the plants!”

Reception to their success was spearheaded by a horde of fellow players asking where Quinnie-The-Gardener had obtained the display vases featured in the image of the botanical selection, with the answer being that both the vases and shelf pictured are custom content.

This prompted user sonnidaez to argue that vases should be a feature in the base game, causing subspaceculture to point out that this is possible via the floral designer table.

Others congratulated Quinnie-The-Gardener on the achievement, with user Moonlight_Muse saying: “Congrats! It does take forever. I did this and then built a greenhouse to save to my library so I would have somewhere to get any plant I wanted” and RayneBeauRhode adding: “this is so satisfying.”

Meanwhile user spoopyspoop6969 asked: “is this through generations of game play or just through one sim that's immortal?” with Quinnie-The-Gardener replying to reveal: “I get overly attached to my Sims, so if my original would’ve died I would’ve just stopped the challenge, so I did make her immortal but doing this along with a legacy challenge would be so cool!”

User Steelcry shared that they’re engaged in exactly this kind of legacy challenge in their current playthrough, saying: “Each generation is planned to pick up different things and complete them. I just finished frogs, before that was fish, next generation is Moonwood Mills werewolf collection artefacts.”

Regardless of how good a Sims collector you are, make sure to follow us for more updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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