Sims Player Makes Archduke Franz Ferdinand Sim

A screenshot from a Sims 4 trailer.

A screenshot from a Sims 4 trailer.

Some very interesting individuals have made their way into video games via mods recently, with a string of celebrities including Will Smith having just turned up in Skyrim and the Love Island villa’s arrival in The Sims possibly heralding the incoming delivery of its current residents.

It would seem that one player of The Sims 4 wanted to get in on this action, but from a rather more cultured perspective, leading them to consult the annals of history for a suitable candidate.

Luckily, it seems that one such individual emerged and has now been brought into the game in all his moustachioed glory. Yup, Franz Ferdinand is in The Sims.

Everyone’s Favourite Austro-Hungarian Duke Makes His Sims Debut

This royal addition to the game is the subject of a recent thread in the subreddit r/thesims, which began with user TheKey32 posting an image of their creation next to a picture of the real Franz and captioning it: “28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated sparking The Great War and changing the world forever. As a tribute to this world-changing event, I made his likeness in Sims 4!"

Reception to the Archduke from other Reddit users was pretty positive, with jayneclobber saying: “I love how you created a historical figure instead of a celebrity.”, to which TheKey32 replied: “Thank you! I really like creating historical figures, it's also where my own sims get inspiration from”.

Meanwhile, users snowyprophecy and UpsetPomegranate also expressed their appreciation for the creation, but outlined very different reasons, with the former saying: “I absolutely love the fact that technology has evolved so that we can do stuff like this” and the latter quipping: “This is so camp, I love it”.

A few users were curious as to where TheKey32 had acquired some of the assets that went into making big Franz, namely his glorious moustache and swanky military uniform, leading the creator to point them in the right direction.

Others might have gotten a little too invested in historical reenactments, with user SmallRogue saying: “now create Gavrilo Princip and reenact it” and Shoddy_Internal6206 revealing their plan to cut out the middleman by saying: “I need him in my game to kill him”.

Luckily, according to user khajiitidanceparty, the poor guy might be safe, with them saying: “I think he's probably happy there are no cars in the Sims 4…”

Regardless of whether you’re in favour of emulating historical assassinations in video games, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates when new content arrives.

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