Sims 4 Player Recreates Love Island Villa

An image of the Sims Love Island villa.

An image of the Sims Love Island villa.

Players of The Sims 4 have been responsible for a lot of weird and wonderful creations, from a mod that increases the potency of the game’s fart sound effects to a fully functional Binley Mega Chippy.

Now, however, a somewhat inevitable collision between the Sims and the unstoppable juggernaut of British reality television that is Love Island has taken place and things may never be the same again.

That’s right, a certain Mallorcan villa may soon be waiting for your sins to move in and start having a series of rapidly escalating romantic escapades that eventually result in fast fashion endorsement deals for everyone involved.

Britain’s Inescapable Guilty Pleasure Comes to Sim-land

The creation is the work of YouTuber Steph0Sims, who has spent 15 hours perfecting every nook and cranny of the iconic location, from the fire pit to the beach hut.

There’s even a hideaway, so that your Sims can practise the power of abstinence in calming peace and quiet, while simultaneously receiving constant off-camera reminders that everyone they’ve ever known is probably watching at home.

An image of the Love Island villa in The Sims.
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Speaking on the inspiration for their creation, Steph0Sims mused: “Playing The Sims, especially when you let them go wild and do their own thing, literally feels like watching a reality TV show play out right before your eyes. You never know what they’re going to do next and that’s the fun of watching reality TV.”

Playing God to a group of helpless peons isn’t all fun and games though, with moulding the replica villa having been a task involving a lot of guesswork, as Steph0Sims explains: “I had to work it out as I went along based on the size of rooms and furniture. Every single object had to be placed individually including all the strip lights on the floor, so I ended up with 15 hours of recorded footage.”

Steph0Sims singles out Ekin-Su, whom one cursory Twitter search has informed me is playing the role of Iago in this year’s edition, as the individual they’d most like to host in this Sims villa, saying: “Ekin-su is the main character. Ekin-sim coming soon”.

Regardless of whether Ekin-sim does indeed come soon, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates, in addition to coverage of the equally weird modding communities of Elden Ring and Skyrim.

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