All Sims 4 Kits Ranked

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Decor kit from Sims 4

If you're looking to add a little something to your game, look no further than the Sims 4 Kits. And if you're not sure which is worth it, here's our list of all the Sims 4 kits ranked!

EA introduced Kits in 2021 with the simultaneous release of Country Kitchen, Bust the Dust, and Throwback Fit. Priced at £4.99 each, these kits add a handful of either Create-A-Sim or Build/Buy items to the game. Despite some backlash from the community as to the price and comparison to other kinds of DLC, the Kits do offer a lower-budget add-on for those who want it. Plus, players can pick and choose which different styles they want with the specific themes of each kit.


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All Sims 4 Kits Ranked

This list combines personal experiences with community views on the Kits - controversial though they are - to bring you a definitive list. We've split the list into two categories: Furniture Kits and Clothing Kits, as they differ wildly and can't really be compared together.

Here are all the Sims 4 kits ranked from 'worst' to best.

Furniture Kits Ranked

8 - Country Kitchen

Thr Sims 4 Country Kitchen pack

Realistically, these items should have been included with the Country Living Expansion Pack. But for those who don't want to spend more than £30 on an expansion, this is a nice option.

On the surface, it seems a little lacking, but remember, that one counter item is in fact a whole host of different shapes and configurations - you need to turn auto counters off to find the other pieces. The kit contains 13 furniture items, and two flooring options. It's nice, but that's about it.

7 - Industrial Loft

Industrial Loft kit from Sims 4

Sims 4 Kits tend to focus on a niche theme, and Industrial Loft is no different. The theme is Brooklyn, New York apartments built in the old industrial buildings.

The idea is a cool one, and the Kit brings some quirky decorative items like pipes and vents, but a lot of the furniture items are very similar to some included in the game already or that come with other packs. It's just a bit average, really.

6 - Décor To The Max

Decor To The Max Kit in Sims 4

Décor To The Max really pinpoints the modern maximalist design choice of today, and brings bright clutter into the Sims, along with some very bright cosmetic options.

The pack is, obviously, very busy. This is entirely the point, but it's hard to see the majority of players using a lot of the items at once. The swatches on offer come in a variety of colourways, so the items can be used in different builds. The large peacock statue is distinctly garish, though.

5- Desert Luxe

Sims 4 Desert Luxe kit

Desert Luxe falls squarely in the middle of our ranking due to its chic look and usability but misses out on the top spot as there's nothing massively groundbreaking about the Kit. The furniture included is a modern range of stonework-themed items, including seating, wall decor and some tables.

Some of the items in this selection are similar to others in the game, so we can't recommend it fully.

4 - Little Campers

Little Campers kit from Sims 4

Anything that adds to the livelihoods of Sims' children is a plus, given that they really only have activity desks and homework to occupy their time. Little Campers focuses on the idea of backyard camping, and making do with what is in the house.

The DIY projector screen is an adorable touch, but the real winner is the cabin and camping-themed items, like a rug and pillows with bears on them. Also, the camping chair that looks like a frog. This pack is let down by the fact that items like the pillows and Smores are not interactive.

3 - Courtyard Oasis

Courtyard Oasis kit from Sims 4

Based on the riads of Morocco, Courtyard Oasis brings a welcomed breath of fresh air to Sims 4. It's no secret that a lot of the items on offer are distinctly modern and a little similar to each other.


This pack gives us a new theme, and an option to create different kinds of Sims homes. Pair the palm plants and lattice windows with the backdrop of Oasis Springs, and we're onto a winner. Not only is there furniture, but this pack has build mode items like flooring, columns, and windows - and stairs!

2 - Bust The Dust

Bust The Dust kit from Sims 4

Interestingly, Bust The Dust is the first and only pack to add a change to gameplay. If a Sim owns one of the vacuums, they can clean their house with it, and check the dust level. If you let it pile up, you'll get sentient dust bunnies moving in!

The only downside is that there are literally only five items in the Kit. The gameplay elements do make up for this, given the price is only £4.99.

1 - Blooming Rooms


Creeping in at number one is definitely Blooming Rooms. Why? Because no amount of plants is ever enough. What's better than a room full of plants, you ask? A room full of plants on Sims.

Boosting Sims' environment needs, these plants are decorative (and unfortunately a bit pricey in-game), and won't wither away without proper care... though we kind of wish that was an added element.

Clothing Kits Ranked

7 - Moonlight Chic

Moonlight Chic comes in last due to its fairly same-y content. The bottoms options of the Kit are mostly baggy cargo-style pants, in very similar swatches.

The top options have some cool items like the cropped sweater and fitted jacket but are let down by, again, baggy items and some questionable swatches. While some items are meant as unisex clothing, most are under the female filter. There's also only one pair of shoes, which are sneakers. This, to us, doesn't really fit the chic night-time theme that the Kit promised.


6 - Modern Menswear

Let us preface by saying this Kit idea is great - adding different styles for masculine frames is amazing, as now they fit properly instead of using female-fit clothes that hang oddly on the male frames.

The issue with Modern Menswear is some of the questionable designs. Why are there armpit holes in a high-necked shirt? Why are there multiple holes in a sweater? The other hiccup is that a lot of Sims players don't prefer a high-fashion theme to their Sims and wardrobes, so this pack missed the mark of usable clothing items.

5 - First Fits

First Fits is a kit that contains only children's clothes, adding some more grown-up and plainer styles to their wardrobe options. Annoyingly, a lot of these clothes would look great on adult Sims, but alas.


There aren't any particularly bright swatches for clothes in this pack; it focuses a lot on muted blues, browns and greens. Still, there's accessories involved too, not just clothing items - and a sweater that has a backpack! If you play with younger Sims, this pack may be for you.

4 - Carnaval Streetwear

Created with Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar, the Carnaval Streetwear Kit brings a range of very fun and themed items to Sims. The swatches are vivid and feel new, and add textures like fishnet and bejeweled tops. Not only are there clothes, but plenty of accessories including nails and new makeup.

Carnaval Streetwear is best used for a themed party, a holiday, or beachwear. Some items won't fit usual players' choices and the extremely high-cut bodysuit under a beach coverup is questionable, but this is definitely one of the better clothing kits.

3- Throwback Fit


The vintage and incredibly bright nature of this pack had some players worried, but it turns out that a lot of Simmers find themselves using it regularly.

Throwback Fit was the first clothing Kit released and has 23 athleisure items for toddlers and kids, not just teens-elders. The Kit is massively 90's, and even has a bucket hat on top of the shoes, skirts, jackets, and tracksuit bottoms. The swatches do save the kit, as there are plainer colourways on top of the bold block patterns.

2 - Fashion Street

Fashion Street brings a very much-needed different theme of clothing to Sims 4. The Bollywood Kit adds traditional and modern clothing based on the trends coming straight from Mumbai.

There are distinct patterns and plenty of swatches, and a range of accessories to add to the outfits. The Kit also adds Henna tattoos, which is a great touch. The kit contains a whopping 30 items, but they are only for teen-elder ages, sadly. Either way, this is definitely one of the best Kits that EA has put out in terms of quality and theme.

1 - Incheon Arrivals

Coming out on top is the Incheon Arrivals clothing Kit. The Kit is based on modern Korean fashion, with a lot of plainer swatches and items that are both laid-back and inspired by work and formal wear. Not only are there usable swatches, there are new textures and nicely detailed clothing like the cutout skirt with actual buckles on it.

The best part? There are cohesive swatches for the matching outfit sections! This is one of EA's downfalls and is, unfortunately, a rarity, but it was thankfully included in Incheon Arrivals. The only drawback to this Kit is that the clothing is only for the teen-elder audience, but this works given the items in the kit.