Sims Player’s Family of Keanu Reeves Clones Have a Baby

An image of Keanu Reeves in The Sims.
Credit: sand_snake on Reddit.

An image of Keanu Reeves in The Sims.
Credit: sand_snake on Reddit.

Some of the characters created by Sims players come in very unusual forms, with inevitable recreations of yourself and everyone you know quickly giving way to more interesting takes on urban domesticity.

From a picture-perfect recreation of the Love Island villa to werewolf graduation ceremonies, or a sim resembling Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the possibilities are truly endless if you've got the imagination.

In the case of one player, the creations recently spawned from their imagination might suggest a little bit too much reverence for The Matrix movies or Cyberpunk 2077. Say hello to the family made up entirely of Keanu Reeveses.

Sims Player Takes Too Much of Both the Red and Blue Pills

The exploits of this unusual household have been the subject of a couple of recent threads in the subreddit r/thesims, with the first thread beginning with a post from user sand_snake posting an image of a notification showing that one Keanu had gotten another pregnant, captioning it: “I downloaded a household from the gallery that is eight identically dressed sims of Keanu Reeves. Then I plopped them down in a random house in my current save.”

Reception to this interesting turn of events from other members of the Sims community was tinged with an inevitable confusion, with user girlhelpimdying asking: “is that masturbation or incest?” and SnooHamsters567 rationalising it by saying: “he is too perfect so he only breeds with himself.”

Meanwhile, user LilRustique said: “please name the child Reanu Keeves”, leading sand_snake to reply: “I think I just might. No matter the gender.”

This minor request has now become a self-fulfilling prophecy, with sand_snake unveiling another post to announce the successful birth of young Reanu Keeves.

The post included images of how Reanu will look as she progresses through the life cycle of a sim.

There’s no word yet on how well-prepared the Keanus are for parenthood, but hopefully their planning has included at least one trip through IKEA’s baby section.

Regardless of how well you think the Reeveses will fare in their pursuit of the domestic idyll, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates when new content arrives. We've ever got some Sims cheats for you and a definitive list of all Sims 4 kits ranked.

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