Mining Simulator codes (February 2024) - Free coins

Two Roblox characters wearing hard hats in a deep underground mine

Two Roblox characters wearing hard hats in a deep underground mine
February 20, 2024 We've checked if there are new Mining Simulator codes. Check out Mining Simulator 2 codes if you're after something newer.

If you want to have coins on a whim then Mining Simulator codes are for you. In Rumble Studios’ ground-digging Roblox adventure, you’re tasked with developing an underground mine to rival other players. You’ll dig up grass and dirt, sell your excess resources, and challenge the leaderboards to see who can build the deepest mine.

With the game’s entire premise revolving around competition and getting one up on your mining rivals, these codes will come in handy to give you a helping hand. There’s plenty out there, as the game launched way back in 2018. If you redeem them you’ll get a considerable coin boost over other players, as well as some pretty nifty cosmetic items, too.

All working Mining Simulator codes (February 2024)

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

Mining Simulator Codes

Code Reward
Aliens1250 Coins
Bread10,000 Coins
Candy2000 Coins
Coal2000 Coins
DABBIN2000 Coins
Dinosaur5,000 Coins
EPIC1500 Coins
Español2500 Coins
Fans2500 Coins
HiddenTreasure2000 Coins
Isaac1000 Coins
JellyBean2500 Coins
Lollipop1200 Coins
LotsOfCoins1000 Coins
Money10,000 Coins
Ore 500 Coins
Pets100 Coins
Quests2000 Coins
Rebirth1200 Coins
Trades5,000 Coins
Update!1500 Coins
#ChristmasHype250 Tokens
1Year70 Tokens
200Tokens200 Tokens
4thJuly 200 Tokens
500M75 Tokens
America80 Tokens
AnniversaryTokens250 Tokens
Challenge70 Tokens
EpicTokens250 Tokens
GetSlicked50 Tokens
HammieJammieSucksx220 Tokens
HammieJammieDoesntsuck50 Tokens
HammieJammieSucksxInfinity20 Tokens
ImOutOfCodeIdeas70 Tokens
ImOutOfCodeIdeas270 Tokens
ILoveTokens70 Tokens
July21st150 Tokens
MoreMoreCode70 Tokens
MoreMoreTokens70 Tokens
NewQuests50 Tokens
NosniyIsCool50 Tokens
Oof70 Tokens
owo70 Tokens
SandCastles50 Tokens
sircfenner70 Tokens
Shiny70 tokens
SummerTokens70 Tokens
TooManyCodes70 Tokens
Wings70 Tokens
TrailUpdateEpic Accessory Crate
NoU - Epic Accessory Crate
DominusEpic Accessory Crate
NewTwitchEpic Accessory Crate
EvenMoreHatsRare Hat Crate
EventQuestOmega Hat Crate
GhostsOmega Hat Crate
GummyBearsRare Hat Crate
HATS!Rare Hat Crate
MissionRare Hat Crate
MoreHatsRare Hat Crate
PumpedRare Hat Crate
SweetsRare Hat Crate
ToastEpic Hat Crate
ToyChestEpic Hat Crate
AwesomeRare Egg
Icecream Rare Egg
RumbleFree Rare Egg
RumbleStudiosRare Egg
SandBoxEpic skin Crate
UnobtainibleRare Skin Crate
CoolRare Crate
RareRare Crate
Abstract Abstract Texture
Lamb SauceLamb Sauce Texture
RetroRetro Gamer Texture
BroomSticksSpooky Trail Crate
Candy!Spooky Trail Crate
GhostySpooky Trail Crate
100MillionLegendary Skin Crate
Rebirths Legendary Egg
Gamer Legendary Hat Crate
BonusLegendary Hat Create
LevelLegendary Skin Crate
SecretEggLegendary Egg
ILOVECODESLegendary Hat Crate
SuperSecretCodeLegendary Egg
PatrioticStarsLegendary Egg
PatriotLegendary Hat Crate
CoolWaterLegendary Egg
LemonaideLegendary Crate
VacationLegendary Hat Crate
BaconHairLegendary Egg
Scorch Legendary Hat Crate
SkiesLegendary Egg
FluffyLegendary Crate
DreamyLegendary Hat Crate
BeachBallLegendary Egg
SunscreenLegendary Hat Crate
LightLegendary Egg
AdventureLegendary Hat Crate
Rainbowite Legendary Egg
Minealot Legendary Hat Crate
ValkyrieLegendary Egg
DuckieLegendary Hat Crate
memes Legendary Egg
yeetLegendary Hat Crate
BigLLegendary Egg
BigW Legendary Hat Crate
FollowUsLegendary Egg
SubscribePlsLegendary Hat Crate
ISeriouslyNeedMoreCodeIdeas70 Tokens
SuperGems50 Tokens
DuckLegendary Egg
GooseLegendary Hat Crate
Spooky30 Candy Corn
Halloween40 Candy Corn
PumpkinLegendary Egg
TrickOrTreatLegendary Hat Crate
ThisIsHalloween60 Candy Corn
JackOLanternLegendary Egg
WitchesLegendary Hat Crate
Spoopy30 Candy Corn
Skeletons60 Candy Corn
PumpkinsLegendary Egg
ScaryLegendary Hat Crate
Spook30 Candy Corn
Skelly60 Candy Corn
FrightLegendary Hat Crate
TooManyCodesSmhLegendary Egg
HelpPlsLegendary Hat Crate
AwesomeLegendary Legendary Egg
SuperCrate Legendary Hat Crate
AnniversaryCrateLegendary Hat Crate
SummerEggLegendary Egg

Expired Codes

FreeCrateHalloween2019DemonExclusive FreeCrate2ReleaseMiner RichDiamondsDigger
Mining Simulator screengrab showing the blue Redeem Code menu
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How do I use codes in Mining Simulator?

The code redemption process in Mining Simulator is very easy, and it’s the same regardless of whether you’re playing on PC or mobile devices.

  • Boot up Mining Simulator, either through the game’s Roblox page or the mobile app
  • Click the blue 'Codes' menu on the left-hand side of the screen; it’s made obvious by the Twitter logo
  • In the dark blue 'Code Here' text box, type in the chosen code, then hit the green 'Enter' button
  • If successful, you’ll get a message detailing what your code has unlocked

What are Mining Simulator codes?

Mining Simulator codes are going to be very useful assets if you’re new to Rumble Studios’ ground-digging game. Primarily they can grant you thousands upon thousands of coins. As the game’s primary currency, they’re used to trigger Rebirth, the game’s equivalent to prestiging.

You’ll need a good number of Rebirths under your belt to unlock the other maps in the game, from the beach to Candy Land. As such, having plenty of coins is your best way to unlock new areas in the game. Of course, they’re also used at the in-game shop to purchase items like new pickaxes and backpacks.

The codes also provide access to a good amount of tokens. These are a less common form of Mining Simulator currency, used to purchase Legendary and Mythical crates from the shop. Since the Legendary codes only work for older Roblox accounts, tokens will come in handy to give new players a chance to get some rare loot.

The codes also give players some pretty wacky cosmetic items. From a pickaxe skin adorned with Gordon Ramsay’s face to a retro gamer skin-pack, there’s plenty here to kit out your character with some fun styles.

How do I get more codes?

As per the game’s own instructions, the best places to look for Mining Simulator codes are the Twitter page of the game’s developer, Isaac, and Rumble Studios’ official Twitch channel. We also recommend joining Rumble Studios’ Discord server, where codes are posted in the ms-codes channel. However, we should mention that the last Mining Simulator codes were released way back in October 2019, so don’t hold your breath for new codes any time soon.

Of course, it’s also worth bookmarking this page, as we consistently check and update it for any new Mining Simulator codes. Happy mining!

Why are my Mining Simulator codes not working?

It may simply be a case of trying to redeem a code that has since expired. Be sure to check back on this page regularly, as we'll update our list with all working and expired codes!

What is the latest Mining Simulator update?

Sadly, there hasn't been a major Mining Simulator update since late 2019, over two years ago. The game's lead developer, Isaac, often posts on Twitter about Bubble Gum Simulator and Mining Simulator 2, their latest Roblox experience. Hence, there are no updates on when a new update will come to Mining Simulator. The chance of a new update arriving is also very slim. The developers' focus is on the game's sequel.

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