Mining Simulator 2 codes (February2024) - Free gems and luck boosts

Official art for Mining Simulator 2.

Official art for Mining Simulator 2.
February 14, 2024: We've updated our Mining Simulator 2 codes, redeem it now!

Grab your hard hat and your pickaxe, as it's time to go underground and dig up some rocks. To help you out as you begin your mining career, here are some Mining Simulator 2 codes for the latest freebies.

Since the success of Mining Simulator, the developer - Rumble Studios of Bubble Gum Simulator fame - decided to revamp it and make a second one. This builds off the first game and has the same mechanics, but this time it's bigger and better. More pets, more weapon upgrades, and more ores are waiting for you to discover.

All working Mining Simulator 2 codes (February 2024)

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

Mining Simulator 2 Codes

Update63Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
PeppermintSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update62Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
OrnamentSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update61Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
ThankfulSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update60Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
AuroraSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update59Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
WinterSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update58Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
ToxicSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update57Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
ScarySuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update56Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
CauldronSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update55Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Update54Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Fall Super Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update53 Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
AzureSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update52Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
FruitSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update51Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
MagmaSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update50Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
50thEventSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update49Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
CorruptSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update48Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
IllusioSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update47Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
200MSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update46Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
MoonlightSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update45Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
PatrioticSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update4Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
CarnivalSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update43 Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
AnniversarySuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update42Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
AquaticSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update41 Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
SandcastleSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update40Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
TropicalSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update39Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
SpringPart4Super Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update38Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
SpringPart3 Super Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update37Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
SpringPart2Super Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update35Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Spring Super Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update34Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
StPatricksPart2Super Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update33Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
StPatricksSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
MysticalLucky Boost (4 Hours)
ElementLucky Boost (4 Hours)
RainbowLucky Boost (4 Hours)
CometLucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update32Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Update31Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Update30Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
ValentinesSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
TechMysterySuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update29Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Update28Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Update27Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
festiveSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
happynewyearSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
AdventSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update24Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Update23 Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
CartoonSuper Lucky Boost (4 Hours)
Update22Lucky Boost (6 Hours)
Update206 Hours of Lucky Boost
Omega24Omega Lucky Boost (24 Hours)
Super24Super Lucky Boost (24 Hours)
Lucky24Lucky Boost (24 Hours)
Update186 Hours of Lucky Boost
Update166 Hours of Lucky Boost
Update156 Hours of Lucky Boost
Update146 Hours of Lucky Boost
Update136 Hours of Lucky Boost
Update12Free Luck
Fishing30 Minutes Lucky Boost
Treasure 30 Minutes Lucky Boost
Mystery30 Minutes Lucky Boost
SuperEvent1 Hour Lucky Boost
Update930 Minutes Super Lucky Boost
Update1130 Minutes Super Lucky Boost
July4th30 Minutes Lucky Boost
Factory30 Minutes Lucky Boost
Lucky 1 Hour Lucky Boost
Trading250 Gems
Gems50 Gems
Release100 Coins
FreeEgg Free Pet
MysteryV32 Hours Super Lucky Boost
LuckEvent30 Minutes Lucky Boost
Update1030 Minutes Lucky Boost
Atlantis30 Minutes Lucky Boost
LostCity 30 Minutes Omega Lucky Boost
ExtraLuck30 Minutes Super Lucky Boost
Update830 Minutes Super Lucky Boost
Season230 Minutes Omega Lucky Boost
Update730 Minutes Super Lucky Boost
Update630 Minutes Super Lucky Boost
Update530 Minutes Super Lucky Boost
Update430 Minutes Super Lucky Boost
RareCrateRare Crate
FreeCrate Basic Crate
Atlantic30 Minutes Lucky Boost
Puzzle Rewards

Expired Codes


We'll keep this page updated with any new codes that come out, but if you'd like to check for yourself, codes are given out by the developer through their official Twitter and Discord channels.

How to redeem codes in Mining Simulator 2.
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How do I redeem Mining Simulator 2 codes?

Making use of these Mining Simulator 2 codes is super easy. On the left side of the screen, there's a Twitter icon that says 'Codes'. Click it, pop in the code, hit redeem, and there you go! Free stuff is on its way to you.

By the way - on the Hidden Treasure level you'll find a giant chest holding 5,000 coins that refills every 15 minutes. Some of the later levels have refilling chests, too!

What are Mining Simulator 2 codes for?

These handy dandy codes can get you a few great freebies, including gems, coins, crates, eggs, and boosts. The gems and coins are key currencies, and we recommend spending your coins on an upgraded bag as soon as possible, and then on better tools. Beyond gems and coins, all of the other rewards are simple consumable items.

The crates available in Mining Simulator 2 will give you skins that you can equip to your tools and bag. They come in different rarities. Eggs, like a lot of Roblox games, will give you pets that you can equip; they too have different rarities, and each one comes with different stats. You can equip up to three at once and can buy extra eggs with coins.

The boosts that you can get will improve your luck for various amounts of time, usually 30 or 60 minutes.

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