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Anime Legends Codes - Free Goodies

Anime Legends codes are bound to become some of the most sought-after things in all of Roblox. Although the game hasn't even released yet, after months of tireless teasing, the official Anime Legends trailer pulled in close to one million views in under a month. That's no laughing matter. Whenever it does happen to release, expect this Roblox experience to be one of the hottest new releases around.

In fact, potential players in the comments even called it the future of Roblox. And it's easy to see why. Coming from Anime Fighting Simulator developer BlockZone, what has been shown paints a picture of what many would consider a next-gen Roblox experience. Basically, it seems destined to become a hit. And like with BlockZone's other games, Anime Legends codes will keep you coming back for more.

Before all that, though, why not familiarize yourself with the anime-inspired Roblox experiences that Anime Legends could potentially rival? Our guides on Shindo Life codes, Slayers Unleashed codes, and King Legacy codes can get you sprinting out of the gate of these alternative Roblox experiences with free rerolls, loot, and gold. And don't forget to try out BlockZone's current game with the latest Anime Fighting Simulator codes, too.

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The Latest Anime Legends Codes

The latest Anime Legends codes were checked and confirmed active and working on July 19, 2021.

Active Codes:

  • There are currently no active Anime Legends codes.

The latest Anime Legends codes were checked and confirmed inactive and expired on July 19, 2021.

Expired Codes:

  • There are currently no expired Anime Legends codes.

The Latest Anime Legends Trailer

Though it won't matter when it officially releases, the latest Anime Legends trailer is the best example of the game we have right now. Busting towns with soft lighting, powerful AoE attacks on enemy camps, and HD textures and combat cameras that somehow turn the low-polygon look of the game into something akin to Roblox meets Black Desert Online.


Is Anime Legends Anime Fighting Simulator 2?

In a sense, yes. Anime Fighting Simulator 2 (or AFS Revamp) was in the works prior to the announcement of Anime Legends. According to BlockZone, the team decided that the changes they had in the works would have made Anime Fighting Simulator a completely different game.

Rather than undo all that good work, the developer instead opted to make Anime Legends a completely separate release, keeping both games active at the same time. As such, the Anime Fighting Simulator Revamp has been canceled, but the game will continue to get other updates.

How to Use Anime Legends Codes in Roblox

As the game has yet to officially release, we don't know how Anime Legends codes will be redeemed in-game. Judging by the developer's previous projects, however, it would be safe to assume the game's character edit screen will have a dedicated box for entering Anime Legends codes.


How to Play Anime Legends in Roblox

Anime Legends is expected to be one of the biggest player-made Roblox experiences in years. We can't blame you for trying to play it early. As disappointing as this is to repeat, though, Anime Legends currently cannot be played. Not without having beta access from BlockZone directly, that is.

Will Anime Legends Work on Phones?

Due to the high graphics and complicated mechanics of Anime Legends, developer BlockZone has stated that its upcoming project will be exclusive to PC.