Heroes Online codes (September 2023) - Free spins and more

Screenshot from Heroes Online, showing a blue-haired Roblox hero with super powers

Screenshot from Heroes Online, showing a blue-haired Roblox hero with super powers
September 13, 2023: We checked for any new Heroes Online codes.

In need of Heroes Online codes? We can be your Roblox hero, baby. Based on the popular anime My Hero Academia franchise, Heroes Online has you take on the role of either a hero or villain in an action-packed adventure. It's like Mad City, only based more around superpowers than a grand game of cops and robbers.

The focus is on battles: you take on rival factions and level up your special powers. You'll be free-roaming around a bunch of anime-inspired landscapes, participating in PvP fights and special community events, and limited-time free spins will help you achieve your goals even faster.

If you want even more on Roblox, then you're in the right place. Check out our list of Shindo Life codes, as well as Blox Fruit codes and All Star Tower Defense codes. They're some of the biggest games on the platform right now. Rather get away from the PVP action? Pet Simulator X codes can help you there.

All working Heroes Online codes (September 2023)

Here are all the currently working Heroes Online codes:

  • Heroes2023 - Three epic spins
  • Heroesonline2 - Three epic spins
  • Loqced - Ten rare spins
  • Appreciated - Two epic spins
  • Legacy - Five epic spins

The following Heroes Online codes were last checked and confirmed expired on September 13, 2023.

Expired codes

  • 1milfavs - spins
  • Super7 - seven epic spins
  • TheLastOne - twelve epic spins
  • 2kids - five rare spins
  • Bluebird - three epic spins
  • Tsukuyomi - ten epic spins
  • FinalSmash
  • ErenYeager! - seven epic spins
  • Bizarre - six epic spins
  • Iggy - five epic spins
  • 2018 - three rare spins
  • VolumeWinning - three epic spins
  • Gentle - two epic spins
  • DelayPlatinum - two epic spins
  • YareYare - seven rare spins
  • Rebirth - two epic spins
  • Grateful - two epic spins
  • Witcher - two epic spins
  • Heroborne - seven rare spins
  • LilDeluxe - one epic spin
  • shinobiX - seven rare spins
A screenshot of the Heroes Online codes screen. It shows a text box and a Submit button.
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How do I use Heroes Online codes?

  • Load up Heroes Online, either through the Roblox game page, or the mobile app.
  • Once it's loaded, hit the Codes button on the main menu.
  • Type your code into the text box, and hit submit.
  • If the code is valid, you'll get a message detailing your new acquisitions. Enjoy!

Redeeming your Heroes Online codes is a relatively straightforward process. You'll have to spam the text box like with Slayers Unleashed codes and Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes, but everybody is doing it. Don't be shy. The good news is that how you use Heroes Online codes is the same whether you're playing on PC, mobile, or even Xbox. Just be sure to plug in a keyboard for that last one.

What are Heroes Online codes?

Generally speaking, Heroes Online codes are handy freebies that'll give you plenty of free spins in the popular Roblox game. These spins are of varying rarity, but our codes will primarily give you access to the epic and rare spins you'd otherwise struggle to obtain.

These spins are the main gacha element of Heroes Online. They give you access to quirks, which are the game's equivalent of special abilities or superpowers. The rarer the spin, the higher the chance of unlocking legendary quirks, which will prove more powerful in battle. One of the rarest quirks is One For All Prime. It grants you extraordinary attack stats and the ability to knock back opponents following a hit.

Of course, you aren't guaranteed to get any legendary quirks with our codes. Gacha systems like those you can enjoy with Heroes Online codes always come with a degree of risk. You never know what you'll get. But with as many codes as we have right now, the chances of pulling something worthwhile are pretty good.

If you're new to the game, access your spins through the Characters menu rather than in a Heroes Online lobby. That way, you won't be thrust into battle before you get the chance to unlock the skills you'll need to survive.

How do I get more Heroes Online codes?

Once you've redeemed your Heroes Online codes, chances are you'll be ready for even more. There are a few reliable sources that you can keep an eye on to redeem new codes as and when they release. Firstly, it's worth following the Arkham Deluxe Twitter page. We also recommend joining the Heroes Online Discord server and subscribing to the official YouTube channel.

But if you'd rather keep things simple, we suggest bookmarking this page. Check back regularly. We'll be updating our list as and when new Heroes Online codes release, saving you the trouble of checking multiple social media pages.

When is the next Heroes Online codes drop?

It has been a while since a new Heroes Online code has arrived. The developer hasn't shared any update on when we can expect a new code. But like most other Roblox game, you can expect a new code when the new update arrives or when the game hits a major milestone.

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