George Ezra Roblox Event - Start Time, Details, and More

banner for gold rush kid event in roblox

banner for gold rush kid event in roblox
July 29, 2022: The George Ezra Roblox event starts real soon.

In the world of Roblox, there's a large amount of creativity that can be had. People can make all matter fo games in the world, and host them for all to enjoy. An upcoming event, the George Ezra Roblox Experience, is looking to change the game.

This experience is centered around George Ezra's new album, and will have a bunch of interactive elements for players to experience.

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When Does the Roblox George Ezra Event Start?

George Ezra Roblox Start Time

The event began on July 27, 2022. Players can log into the experience, but performances will not begin until Friday, July 29, 2022.

Times for when this kicks off are going to be at 5PM BST (11AM CST). Ezra will perform a recurring setlist of songs from the new album, "Gold Rush Kid", and it'll repeat every hour in game until August 1, 2022.

George Ezra Roblox Experience Details

This event is going to be a look behind the creative process for the album. It's set in its own world, and it's going to incorporate interative elements. You'll see various elements that will interact and adapt to the music as it's playing.

In addition, there's going to be collectible puzzle pieces, and a plane that flies around, directing players to points of interest all over the map. Players will also be able to find spots to take pictures with Ezra's in game avatar.

There's going to be an obstacle course, and the Roblox game RoBeats will have custom rhythm based activities for five of George Ezra's hits. This starts today.

And there you have it. Be sure to check the event out, because it should be a great one. In addition, make sure to check out some tier lists for some other top Roblox games. We have a Shindo Life tier list to match our codes page above, an Anime Adventures tier list for that big release, and a popular Project Slayers tier list as well.

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