Anime Battle Tycoon Codes - Free Gems and Yen

Hot on the heels of this year's wave of generalized anime Roblox games comes yet another, and you're going to want to put the Anime Battle Tycoon codes to good use if you're already a little late to the fray. Check them out down below.

By keeping on top of the latest Anime Battle Tycoon codes (or ABT codes for sort), you'll be able to power ahead of players who don't. It's also a great way to catch up with others if you just don't have much time to play, or you've fallen a little bit behind.

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All Working Anime Battle Tycoon Codes

  • Likes20k - free yen

The following ABT codes were last checked and confirmed expired on February 25, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No Anime Battle Tycoon codes have expired just yet.

More ABT codes are promised when the game hits 50k likes.

Here's how to use Anime Battle Tycoon codes.
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How Do I Use Anime Battle Tycoon Codes?

  • Log into the game via the Anime Battle Tycoon game page on the Roblox site or app
  • Choose your starting character if you haven't already
  • Tap or click the 'Settings' cog button
  • Type your ABT codes into the codes box to the right and hit 'Claim'

Using the latest Anime Battle Tycoon codes is really easy. Once you've launched the game and chosen your starting character, it's just a matter of opening up the Settings page. You can do this via the cog/gear icon on the left. Once tha'ts open, just type (or paste) your ABT codes into the Twitter box to the right and hit the 'Claim' button to redeem them.

How Do I Play Anime Battle Tycoon?

  • Log into the game via the ABT game page on Roblox
  • Pick your starting character
  • Follow the arrows to learn everything you need to know

Anime Battle Tycoon is a hybrid tycoon/simulator game that uses the two popular Roblox game mechanics in tandem to create a unique experience. Once you pick your main character, you're guided over to an empty plot of land around the hub. Here, you hire workers who generate income passively, which you can then accumulate and claim whenever you go back to your tycoon plot.

These resources are spent on tycoon upgrades like new workers, buildings, and walls. And while your workers do the boring stuff, you're free to head out of the hub and into worlds like Namek, using your abilities to defeat NPCs for even more resources. Unlock new worlds and characters with these, then go back to build up and reconfigure your tycoon plot of optimal gains. There's always something to do.

How Do I Get More Gems And Yen in ABT?

Between fighting and farming, there are a couple of ways you can boost your Gems and Yen in Anime Battle Tycoon. First off, you'll want to claim the daily chest in the hub every 24 hours. That's a freebie you can claim without signing up for anything. Beside it is another chest you can open by joining the ABT group.

This doesn't actually exist yet, but you're able to claim it no problem right now anyway, netting you free ABT gems and 30-minute boosts in the process.

After that, you'll want to hit up the second button just outside of your Tycoon door. By joining the ABT Twitter, ABT Discord, and hitting the socials on the game page - Like, Thumbs Up etc. - you'll be able to claim even more 30-minute boosts.

Here's the best Anime Battle Tycoon starter.
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What's the Best Starter in Anime Battle Tycoon?

It's early days yet, but Tuffy (or Luffy) seems to be the best starter in Anime Battle Tycoon. His range is unrivalled. Beginners can rely on long-range attacks to stay safe, whereas veterans will have plenty of ways to weave technical combos.

Is There an Anime Battle Tycoon Trello?

Right now, there is no Anime Battle Tycoon Trello board you can use to keep up with the game's progress. Instead, there's an ABT update log on the Roblox forums. Things might change as the game gets more and more popular, but that's the best way to keep up with the game's evolution right now.

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