Rainbow Six Siege Best Defenders, Ranked (2021 - Year 6)

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Rainbow Six Siege may have launched in 2015, but the game remains relevant thanks to constant tweaking and sizeable updates, and Operation North Star is the current season - with Crystal Guard arriving in the coming weeks.

With over 50 Operators available, we've put our Tier List together, but for now, we're taking a deeper look at the finest Defenders on the roster.


We're also expecting another Defender in Y6S4.

Check out our list for attackers here.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Best Defenders Ahead Of Operation Crystal Guard


Capable of ruining an Attacker’s day, Bandit can trigger shock wire batteries that leave even hard-breachers like Thermite scratching their head when they nullify breach charges.


If you’re up against a team that loves to lob grenades, Jager is a perfect counter. His gadget can knock throwable out of the air, and his assault rifle (the 416-C) is a great multi-range weapon, too.



Similar to Bandit, Kaid uses electricity but his “Electroclaws” can be attached to a surface. That means players can get a hair-raising surprise when they try to breach the wrong reinforced wall.


Able to put up almost impervious mirrors in walls, Mira completely changes the game by allowing defenders to see what the opposition are up to, and they can be ejected to cause damage, too.


Widely regarded as a defensive workhorse, Mute can jam enemy signals and drones, completely nullifying operators like Lion or Dokkaebi.


Able to catch attacker drones (up to three at a time) or Twitch’s drones and turn them against foes, Mozzie is also able to hold his own in a firefight with the Commando 9 rifle.



Able to track enemy heartbeats, Pulse can use that information to set traps. Don’t forget to look above and below and consider planting an explosive welcome for your enemies.


Able to dish out armour plates, Rook can essentially make Alibi or Caveira much more viable defensive options as without it they’re paper-thin. His gun isn’t bad, either.


The game's latest addition, Thunderbird's Kona Station can heal allies within its radius and even help them up. Her Spear.308 assault rifle is great, too, but be careful - the Kona can heal (and overheal) teammates, so be prepared to move or destroy it.



A hugely important defender, Valkyrie can place three cameras with each offering almost 360-degree views of the entire map. If you’re on the mic, you can call out every enemy movement as they make it.


While Jager nullifies throwables, Wamai grabs them and detonates them with his MAG-NET gadget. It means that it can turn an enemy item into a deathtrap with careful placement, and the AUG A2 assault rifle is versatile.