Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1: Operation Crimson Heist Leaks, Release Date, Operator, Gadget and More For Year 6 Season 1

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Rainbow Six Siege has become the blueprint for "Games as a Service", and 2021 will see the start of the game's sixth year of content – an incredible achievement.

Ubisoft has finally lifted the lid on the new Operation, including the new attacker, Flores, the upcoming map rework, and even a brand new explosive sidearm capable of destroying gadgets.

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Everything We Know About Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1: Crimson Heist

Latest News

The Operation has now been officially revealed, but we've got even more juicy information for you.

We spoke to two of the game's creators about what's coming next, and we were able to check out some of Year 6's new features in advance.

You can find out about the next three Operators, map reworks and more here.

Operation Name

After a few leaks, Ubisoft has finally confirmed that the next Operation will be called Crimson Heist.

Release Date

The update stealthily tiptoed into the Action Phase on March 16, meaning it's live right now.

New Operator and Gadget

Our new Operator is an Argentinian attacker called Flores, and his new gadget is the RCE-Ratero.

This explosive drone has a three-second timer and moves forward on its own. It can be steered, but once the timer begins, the drone anchors itself to a surface, becomes bulletproof, and then explodes. Mozzie cannot take control of the Ratero.

As for Flores himself, he's a two-speed, two-armour attacking Operator with an AR33 assault rifle or SR25 marksman rifle as his available weapons.

His secondary weapon is the GSH18, and his secondary gadget choices are Stun Grenades or Claymores.

New Weapons

A new optional sidearm, the Gonne-6, will be available for certain attackers.

It has a single round, meaning it's a one-shot deal, but can destroy ANY bulletproof gadget.

Map Rework

Each of the Year 5 seasons has offered a map rework as Ubisoft continues to refine Siege's pool of existing content, and Crimson Heist will continue that trend.

The next map getting a rework is Border – check out the new version below.

expand image

As for what's new, here's what we know;

  • Bathroom has been extended and now has a new destructible wall
  • Tellers is extended, too
  • Customs and Stock have fewer destructible walls
  • Archives has been extended into Office
  • A new staircase now leads to the balcony on archives
  • A new balcony takes players from Security to Break Room.
  • The helicopter noise is now quieter, and the tannoy voice is now only heard in the planning phase

Playlist Changes

The game's newcomer playlist has been changed to help introduce players to new maps more quickly.

Previously a fixed trio of maps, players will now be able to jump into the following:

  • Bank
  • Oregon
  • Club House
  • Cafe Dostoyevsky
  • Coastline

Additionally, the "seasonal map" will be part of the rotation – so for this season, it'll be the reworked Border.

Operator Reworks

  • Goyo will no longer have a shield
  • Melusi's gadget can be countered by shooting it when it is triggered
  • Mira's one-way mirrors can be meleed to clear sections of it
  • Maestro's evil eye can be meleed
  • Finka will be able to revive when downed using her nanobots


Elite skins will now be customisable, and their Elite Victory dance will now be usable on all skins.

Resident Evil skins are also coming in Year 6, with Jill Valentine kicking things off in Crimson Dawn.

The team is also going to be working with Ikumi Nakamura – find out more here.

New Features

Looking to work out how that pesky defender spotted you coming? You'll be pleased to know that Siege's Match Replay feature arrives in beta as part of Crimson Heist. Or you can share your best plays, of course.

Streamer Mode is also coming. It'll allow content creators to hide their name, region and ping, hide other players in their lobby, use a matchmaking delay and more.

It's Ubisoft's latest way of keeping stream sniping to a minimum.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of new tweaks coming in Year 6 including attacker re-pick and activities after death. Find out more here.

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