30 Jul 2021 10:07 AM +00:00

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3: Everything We Know About Operation Crystal Guard

Rainbow Six Siege keeps growing, and we know more about its sixth year of content than we have about any year prior.

That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of surprises in store, though. Ubisoft has held back plenty of information to ensure they keep our interest piqued throughout 2021.

Having successfully launched Crimson Heist and new operator Flores earlier this year and followed it up with Operation North Star in June, here's all we know about the third Operation of Year 6 - an Operation that may be called "Crystal Guard" and new Operator "Osa".

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Latest News

Consulate Changes? - July 30th

According to a new tweet from the Siege Twitter account, there's been a gas leak at the Consulate.

Could we be seeing changes to the map? Our Year 6 preview didn't mention it, but it's possible.


Y6S4 Operator Named? - July 23rd

Oops, it looks as though Ubisoft may have jumped the gun as part of the recent AMA. Twitter user BikiniBodhi screenshotted and annotated a chunk of text that suggests the next Operator, for Year 6 Season 4, will be named Thorn.


Shooting Range In Development and No Sequel Plans - July 23rd

According to a Reddit AMA, Ubisoft is developing a shooting range to allow players to practice recoil patterns and bullet penetration.

While the feature has no release date, it could potentially arrive alongside Y6S3.

The same AMA also saw the game's creative director confirm that there are no plans for a sequel to Siege.

PlayStation Tournaments Coming - July 13th

From the sounds of things, the game is getting PlayStation Tournament support.


Operation Name Revealed? - July 6th

Longtime Siege dataminer Benjamin Strike appears to have worked out the name of the next Operation.

It appears it'll be called Crystal Guard, and that this will be a hint at the Operator's gadget, too.


Y6S3 Release Date

North Star kicks off on June 14th, and with each season lasting around three months, we'd expect to hear about Y6S3 closer to September.

New Operator and Gadget


We've had a new attacker, Flores, and a new defender, Thunderbird, so far this year.

That means the next Operator could be either, but we do know that the next Operator will be a Croatian one - thanks to our Year 6 preview.

An early leak from dataminer Zer0Bytes suggests that the new Operator will be an attacker, with a further tweet suggesting they'll be named Osa.

Map Rework


Border and Favela have received big reworks so far in Year 6, but we know that Y6S3 will rework multiple maps.

We wouldn't expect these changes to be as drastic as the Border and Favela ones, but it's exciting to know Ubisoft will be making bigger changes.

Playlist Changes

The game's newcomer playlist has recently been changed to help introduce players to new maps more quickly.

Previously a fixed trio of maps, players will now be able to jump into the following:

  • Bank
  • Oregon
  • Club House
  • Cafe Dostoyevsky
  • Coastline

Additionally, the "seasonal map" will be part of the rotation.

Since we don't know which maps are being reworked, we'll have to wait and see how that affects playlists.

Gameplay Improvements

Many players have been complaining about the fact that certain operators blend in with the environment while wearing certain skins. In a recent post, Ubisoft promised to address this issue in the Y6S3 update.

Other than that, there are a few changes to the flashbang mechanics that we'll be seeing in the update as well. The current solution is aimed at replicating how light bounces off objects in a map. This will drastically change the flashbang mechanics, and hopefully for the better.

Quality of Life Changes

Ubisoft has confirmed that players will soon be able to use their gadgets and drones after death, but the functionality wasn't added as part of North Star.

Could it come as part of Y6S3? Time will tell.