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Rainbow Six Siege Year 6: Best Attackers Guide

Rainbow Six Siege may have launched in 2015, but the game remains relevant thanks to constant tweaking and sizeable updates, with Operation North Star the current season of Year 6.

With over 50 Operators available, we've put our full Tier List together, but for now, we're taking a deeper look at the finest Attackers on the roster. Check here for the list of Defenders.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Best Attackers


A "run and gun" type, Ash has a grenade launcher that lets her blow apart walls and follow up with her R4-C which hits hard and fast.


Buck is a great fast breacher, able to unload his underslung shotgun to rip through non-reinforced surfaces to open up fresh avenues of attack.



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The most recent addition to this list, Flores' drone anchors itself before exploding. That means it can wreck walls, but also catch defenders unaware if their focus is elsewhere.


Nowhere is safe in Siege, but Hibana's ability to level multiple surfaces at once by detonating explosives all at once can reshape a defensive position in seconds.



Eagle-eyed snipers will love the CSRX 300, a sniper capable of downing an enemy in one and blowing through walls. One for the Counter-Strike fans, since missing your shot leaves you vulnerable.


A sneaky hard breacher, Maverick is ideal for subtle infiltration since he can break down reinforced walls without attracting attention.


As the name suggests, Sledge breaks through surfaces with a huge hammer. It's slow and a little cumbersome, but can when a teammate backs you up it can be devastating.


Ideal for countering gadget-heavy defences, Thatcher can blow through tech with his EMP grenades, allowing teammates to breach without wiring about certain traps.


Another hard breacher, Thermite is ideal for wrecking walls but the exothermic charge is obvious to spot. Dissuade flankers with his claymore.



Twitch's drone is ideal for clearing a room of enemy gadgets but is easily spotted so you'll need to move quickly. It can also open Mira's windows (something no one else can do).


Also known as Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, Zero is able to pierce reinforced walls with his Argus camera, with each able to deal a little bit of damage to enemies and destroy gadgets, too. His rifle is also deadly in the right hands.


Ideal for supporting a breacher, Zofia can launch impact or concussion grenades into an area to soften targets up once the walls come down.