Rainbow Six Siege Flores Operator Review: Weapons, Gadget, Utility and More

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The next operation Crimson Heist is here! We have a host of gameplay changes and updates to dig our teeth into, including a new Operator...

Flores is the next attacker to join the Rainbow Six team, but what does he bring to the fight and is he worth purchasing?

Flores - Attacker

Flores is the new 2-speed, 2-armour attacker that came to Siege with the Crimson Heist update. 

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Here, we'll cover everything you need to know about the new operator, including whether he's worth purchasing for yourself...


Flores comes equipped with Thatcher's AR33 Assault rifle and Blackbeard's SR-25 Designated marksman rifle.

Both of these weapons have good damage and fire rate, but they definitly arn't considered "best in class". 

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If you find yourself more comfortable with automatic weapons, we recommend taking the AR33 rifle. However, if you feel you can control the recoil of the DMR this is also a great option. 

Finally, you'll also have access to the GSH-18 Handgun. This sidearm comes with low damage and a large magazine meaning you can take out multiple pieces of equipment without needing to reload. 


You'll have to choose between Stun grenades and a claymore for your utility slot. This will largely be dependant upon your playstyle.

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If you're looking to cover your tracks, take a claymore to catch out any sneaky roamers rotating to your position. However, if you find yourself playing more aggressive, taking the stun grenades can help you secure the crucial entry kill. 


This attacker brings a new drone to Rainbow Six Siege... and it's rather explosive.

Flores can send this drone into the objective and start a detonation timer which goes off after a few seconds.

During this period the drone is invincible, meaning the defenders need to run outside of the damage range to avoid the drone.

The explosion's primary objective is to remove defender's gadgets like Bandit's battery, ADS, barbed wire, etc. 

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Luckily, there are only a few hard counters to the drone, these being Mute, Mozzie and Maestro. 

Worth Purchasing?

So you may be wondering whether Flores worth purchasing? Absolutely!

This attacker brings a new, fun mechanic to the battlefield and is something you really can't miss out on. 


Whether you find yourself playing support or fragger, you can find ways to utilise Flores' eqiupment to turn the tide of the fight.

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You'll have to purchase the current Season's Battle Pass to unlock Flores. This will cost 1,200 R6 Credits for the cheaper option and 2,400 R6 Credits for the premium bundle.

WIth the release of Flores, it leaves us wondering what Ubisoft have planned next for Year 6 Season 2...

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