Rainbow Six Mobile beta date, release, maps, modes, and operators

Siege characters preparing to enter a bank.

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March 24, 2023: TheRainbow Six Mobile team has finally shared rough details of the next beta test.

Rainbow Six fans rejoice! Tom Clancy's classic shooter series is coming to mobile. We've got a Rainbow Six Mobile release date guide here and ready for you to fill you in on everything you need to know. Announced in 2022, we're still waiting on a full release.

We'll go through exactly what Rainbow Six Mobile is - because despite its name, this isn't a straight port of previous games. We'll also explore exactly how the gameplay will work, as well as taking a look at when exactly you may be able to get your hands on this exciting new mobile shooter.

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When is the next Rainbow Six Mobile beta?

With the last R6M beta taking place in September, there's been a seven-month gap between it and the latest update from the developers.

In a tweet from March 24, 2023, the team shared that details regarding the next playtest would come "within the next month." The wait continues.

Which countries get the Rainbow Six Mobile alpha?

Right now, the Rainbow Six Mobile alpha is only available in North America, Canada, and Mexico. The tweet mentioned above also included a hint that most territories would gain access to the first test of 2023.

When Is the Rainbow Six Mobile release date?

Sadly, there isn't currently a firm Rainbow Six Mobile release date quite yet. The game could still be a way off, given how much work seems to be going into it.

However, early gameplay snippets look rather polished, and Ubisoft has confirmed a 2022 release date. We don't know precisely when, but Ubisoft will no doubt be eager to share the news once it's ready to go.

Rainbow Six Mobile FAQ

Will Rainbow Six Mobile have gyro aim?

While Rainbow Six Mobile gyro aim wasn't a thing in early playtests and betas, the development team did recently confirm that it would be adding the feature to future test phases. There's no guarantee it'll make it into the final game from that alone, but it will at least get trialled.

Why won't my Rainbow Six Mobile code work?

If your Rainbow Six Mobile code isn't getting you into the closed alpha, you may have run into a problem you'll struggle to fix.

According to the game's Twitter account, using the code but exiting the redeem page before access is confirmed will invalidate your code completely, rendering you unable to participate in the beta. Be careful.

Is there a Rainbow Six Mobile roadmap?

An upcoming roadmap for the game was announced during the March 24, 2023 dev update tweet. There's no word on when it'll arrive, but it should be within a month after the post. It's vague.

What's included in the Rainbow Six Mobile alpha?

As the Rainbow Six Mobile alpha is designed to test the core gameplay, things like customization and progression will not feature in the initial test. The developers even noted that due to the testing pool being a slim fraction of what's expected at launch, bot matches are likely as well.

You'll be able to team up with any friends who also manage to get into the Rainbow Six Mobile alpha, and 16 operators will be available to boot. The two maps included are Border and Bank: two classic Rainbow Six Siege warzones you'll be able to play in both Bomb and Secure Area gamemodes.

What Is Rainbow Six Mobile?

Simply put, Rainbow Six Mobile is Ubisoft's brand-new entry to the shooter series, built exclusively for your mobile device.

It's entirely made from the ground up rather than being a port of previous games to ensure it's totally attuned to the capabilities and demands of mobile systems. That's thanks to fully customisable controls, a revamped HUD for mobile, and plenty of tutorials to get you up to speed.

Of course, the chances are you know what to expect with a Rainbow Six game. This mobile entry is no different: it's a squad-based first-person shooter with a keen focus on tactics and communication. It follows the bomb-defusing formula seen in Rainbow Six Siege, as one team tries to plant a bomb while the other sets up barriers and traps to prevent their opponents from doing so.

You'll plan your way into a building, execute your takedowns on enemies, and hopefully escape with your life intact. Thanks to environmental damage and destructible environments, it's a very immersive experience - and you can even use it to your advantage by creating new pathways by destroying obstacles.

Image of the HUD in Rainbow Six Mobile
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Is Rainbow Six Mobile different to Siege Mobile?

One thing Ubisoft Montreal has made clear is that Rainbow Six Mobile isn't just a port of Rainbow Six Siege. Instead, it's a mobile adaption of Siege, built from the ground up to translate the gameplay and design to different hardware. Its goal is to modernise the mobile FPS genre, helping it catch up with the fidelity of console shooters.

However, the gameplay will be very familiar to anyone who's played Rainbow Six Siege before. Maps like Border and Bank return for this mobile entry, and plenty of the weapons will be the same, too. Therefore, while it isn't a direct port, it's certainly a mobile adaption of what made Siege tick.

How can I play Rainbow Six Mobile?

At the moment, you won't be able to play Rainbow Six Mobile just yet. The game isn't live, and having only just been announced, seems to still be a way off. However, Ubisoft Montreal has confirmed that it'll release for iOS and Android devices. As long as you've got a fairly recent phone, you should be able to run Rainbow Six Mobile.

Equally, while there isn't a pre-registration period confirmed just yet, you can sign up on the official website to keep updated on the game's latest developments. When preview periods open, it's from there that you'll be able to formally register your interest.

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