Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have A Single Player Campaign?

The Extraction pod and area for players in Rainbow Six Extraction, where a squad can leave an Incursion.

The Extraction pod and area for players in Rainbow Six Extraction, where a squad can leave an Incursion.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is now known as Rainbow Six Extraction, and it launches on January 20, 2022. What was once merely a limited-time event in Rainbow Six Siege, known as Outbreak, is now its own fully-fledged PvE shooter, and there's plenty to see and do alongside your squad.

Unlike Siege, the game is a co-op experience, and instead of Attackers vs Defenders, players step into the roles of their favourite Operators again, but against a new alien threat. The title has the same tactical, methodical gameplay pace that players of Siege will be familiar with, but with a different enemy to deal with.

This means there's no PvP involved, but there is a ranked mode - Maelstrom Protocol - if you manage to make it that far. Extraction is recommended for squads of three, but what if you don't want to put together a team? Here's all you need to know about single-player and playing solo in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Single Player?

While Siege's single-player content is limited to its 'Situations' and modes like Terrorist Hunt, Ubisoft is changing tact with Rainbow Six Extraction.

The game may be built for three-player co-op, but it is playable solo in its entirety. That said, with many of the game's encounters presumably tuned for a party of three Operators, you may find yourself at a disadvantage in some of the game's tougher areas. Basing things of our experiences of the game so far, the spawn rate for enemies is much lower if you are playing solo and missions are fine-tuned depending on how many people are in your squad, so it's perfectly fine if you plan on playing solo.

How to Play Solo

To play the game solo, all you need to do is simply head on an Incursion while not in a squad. All you need to do is go to the mission screen and choose which map you feel like venturing to. Ignore the 'Quick Play' button and simply deploy your one-man squad to the map of your choosing, then you'll be able to task yourself with completing mission objectives as a single-player. Good luck!

We also know that, as things stand, there's no online connectivity requirement - meaning you can play the game offline!

For more on Rainbow Six Extraction, be sure to check out our tips and tricks to help you get started. We also have shared our thoughts on who the best weapons and best Operators are, and we've put together a guide on all of Extraction's enemies and how to combat them.

Updated on January 21, 2022, by Kelsey Raynor.

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