Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Level Up Milestones and Operators Fast

An Operator using a smoke grenade against Grunts and a Bloater in Rainbow Six Extraction.

An Operator using a smoke grenade against Grunts and a Bloater in Rainbow Six Extraction.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, you and your fellow Operators from REACT are tasked with taking on Incursions to gather intel, containing the Chimera Parasite, and ultimately keeping yourself and others alive. As with most games, levelling up quickly can unlock you new content, such as Operators and Containment Zones (also known as maps).

If you've a certain map, Operator, or piece of tech in mind, then in this guide we explain how to level up as fast as possible in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Complete Incursion Objectives and Extract Safely

This somewhat goes without saying, but by completing Incursion objectives successfully and extracting safely will grant you a hefty amount of XP as it is in Rainbow Six Extraction. Each Incursion has three subzones, each with an individual objective for you to embark on.

These mission objectives can consist of multiple different things, to keep the game lively, but you'll primarily find yourself gathering intel through biopsies, sabotage, the capture of Archæans, scans, rescues, and retrieving of any Operators that have gone MIA.

You have fifteen minutes to complete each objective and flee each subzone; it's up to you, however, whether you will progress to the next subzone or extract safely. If you're low on health, it's probably safer to extract and come back again than it is to move on.

Complete Studies and Gather Intel

As you complete Incursions and their various objectives, you will also have 'Studies' to complete across every region in in Rainbow Six Extraction. These consist of activities that will typically aid your gameplay initially, such as pinging certain items or enemies, but will involve killing Archæans, destroying nests, using your abilities/technology, and more.

Just like completing the mission objectives of your Incursions successfully, you'll also gain XP for completing your studies and thus, gathering further intel for REACT to help the team contain the Chimera Parasite.

Play at Higher Difficulties

In Rainbow Six Extraction, there are four separate difficulties (also known as threat levels) for you and your squad to choose from before you embark on any Incursions. The higher the threat level, the larger the XP boost, and these are rather generous, too. The additional XP for each difficulty is as follows:

  • Moderate: Base XP Only
  • Cautious: +50% XP
  • Severe: +100% XP
  • Critical: +200% XP

Each difficulty comes with it's additional risks, such as full Archæan ecosystems and more parasite mutations, so don't forget to take those into account before going on each mission.

An Operator holds an Arc Mine while facing a Bloater Archæan in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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What Do You Get for Levelling up in Rainbow Six Extraction?

As you level up and reach new Milestones in Rainbow Six Extraction, you'll unlock new items and content, too. This includes the following:

  • New Containment Zones, also known as maps/regions
  • New Operators to play as
  • New REACT technology, such as reinforcements and explosives
  • Additional customisation items, such as gun charms

So, if you want to play on a certain map, as a particular Operator, or get your hands on Arc Mines and Paralysis Grenades, get levelling up! For more on Rainbow Six Extraction, take a look at our thoughts on the title so far, the games roadmap for the future

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