Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have PvP?

A REACT helicopter over an extraction point in a Containment Zone of Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new title from Ubisoft that oversees a bunch of characters, abilities, and weapons from popular esports title, Siege, in a brand new environment. Extraction is a standalone game, taking popular characters and putting them into Containment Zones where they must face mutations of the notorious Chimera Parasite. In between missions and the slaying of Archæans, however, does Rainbow Six Extraction have a PvP mode?

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Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have PvP?

Rainbow Six Extraction primarily has balanced co-op gameplay at its centre, encouraging that players hop into squads of up to three players to take on mission objectives. When it comes to any form of PvP, however, Extraction leaves that element entirely to its predecessor. Simply put, Rainbow Six Extraction does not feature any form of PvP multiplayer.

An Operator on the ground, about to be attacked by a Breacher, in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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The game is designed to be a co-operative PvE experience, and there simply isn't room for any form of PvP that would suitably align with the story and lore that Extraction has crafted. The title does have a ranked gameplay mode that is unlocked towards the end of the games actual campaign, which gives Extraction a welcome element of competition.

The Maelstrom Protocol follows the same format as missions before it, requires you to have a strong squad, and is much more difficult than prior incursions. This mode, however, does let players compete against one another for rare cosmetics and a rank. Yet, players will not see each other outside of their own squad, as ranked gameplay still has players coming up against Archæans in typical PvE fashion.

That's all you need to know about PvP, and the lack thereof, in Rainbow Six Extraction. We also discuss whether the game can be played single-player, if there's cross-play and cross-progression, and we shared some tips and tricks to aid newcomers, too.

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