Rainbow Six Extraction Guide: Tips and Tricks

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An Operator aims at a Rooter in Rainbow Six Extraction, with a Smasher approaching in the background.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the Siege spin-off that takes familiar Operators into an unfamiliar scenario. The scenario being that a recent outbreak in New Mexico has made its way to various Containment Zones across the US. This leaves you and your squad, now known as members of REACT, to assess and contain a notorious parasite.

Whether you're new to the Rainbow Six series or not, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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Get To Know Your Operators

If you've played Rainbow Six Siege enough, you'll almost certainly be familiar with the Operators and their abilities. If not, then it is vital that you get to know them, as their abilities can make or break a successful mission. Take DOC and FINKA, for example, who are able to revive downed teammates. Alternatively, Operators like Lion and Alibi are great for assessing the area and knowing what, or who, you're dealing with.

If your squad is made up of a good combination of Operators and you all familiarise yourselves with how to use your abilities effectively, missions will be a breeze.

Use REACT Technology & Reinforcements

It can be tempting to go in all guns blazing, and this will work for your first few missions, but gunfighting isn't what you and your team should rely on while facing the Chimera Parasite. Instead, make use of REACT technology and reinforcements where you can. Explosives and barricades can halt enemies temporarily, if not altogether, and tech such as Scan Grenades or Glue Grenades can be used to evaluate an area and slow enemies.

Evaluating which enemies you're coming up against, slowing them, and knowing how to counter each one will help you get those objectives complete and return your team to safety.

An Operator holds an Arc Mine while facing a Bloater Archæan in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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Don't Hesitate to Extract

It might feel like you're quitting, but sometimes it is better to extract earlier and keep your Operators safe, than it is to continue to the next Subzone. It's definitely tempting to get all three objectives completed, but if health and/or ammo is low, it's safer to extract and reap what rewards you've earnt than need to go retrieve multiple Operators who have gone missing in action.

Use Stealth Where Possible

With all the REACT technology and Operator abilities available to you, sometimes it's simply better to gain knowledge of the area and your enemies, and perform a few stealthy takedowns using your Nanoedge Blade. This prevents Archæans from alerting their buddies and awakening nests, saving you and your team some ammo (and ultimately, health).

Obviously, stealth isn't optimal all the time, but don't forget that it's there to be utilised across Extraction's vast maps.


It's Not A Race

Last, but not least, completing mission objectives is not a race. The fifteen-minute timer that Extraction has in each Subzone might make you feel as though you need to be in and out as quickly as possible, but this isn't the case. Realistically, your objectives themselves can often be completed within a minute or two once located. So, take your time to locate objectives, assess the area, and maybe even find some Points of Interest along the way. POI's are a form of in-game collectable that give you a little more information about the lore. Alternatively, you can use your spare time to gather XP from kills before safely extracting, but take caution!

There you have it. With those tips in mind, you should find yourself on your feet in Rainbow Six Extraction rather easily, especially with a squad to hand. For more, check out the various difficulty levels and what they mean, or alternative game modes and events you can expect to see in future.

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