The Best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

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An MIA Operator being held by the parasite in Rainbow Six Extraction.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, choosing which Operator to play as might not be as simple as just selecting your Rainbow Six Siege main. Each Operator in the title has their own unique, signature ability and starting weapon, and you can choose exactly who you want to level up and who to leave behind.

There are eighteen named Operators so far, all of which have been taken from Siege, but the title is missing the likes of Ace, Valkyrie, Zofia and more off of its roster. It's uncertain as to whether we'll ever see these characters slaying Archæan mutants in Extraction, but we've got a strong set of Operators that can already be overwhelming to choose from.

That's why we've stepped in to suggest five of the best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.


When the outbreak hit, in Rainbow Six Extraction, SLEDGE volunteered himself to be a member of REACT. With an imposing physical nature and uncanny skill, he was the perfect candidate for aiding with the assessment and containment of the parasite.

In Extraction, SLEDGE's ability allows him to equip a hammer that stuns enemies and can destroy walls, forging new paths for the squad. He also has the M590A1 Shotgun as his primary at Level 1, which is arguably a jack-of-all-trades weapon. The shotgun is decent at mid-range combat, with his SMG-11 sidearm also providing the same firepower when necessary.

With his weapons, and his hammer, SLEDGE is a great offensive member for any squad. If SLEDGE can clear floors of Containment Zones by using his ability efficiently, and then protect his team using skill, the team can get their mission objective achieved quickly while relatively unscathed.


SMOKE is an expert in both chemistry and biology with vast operational experience, making him the ideal candidate for taking on the Chimera parasite and attempting to assess the evolution of it.

The clue is in the name, but SMOKE's main ability is that he can throw remotely detonated smoke grenades that will not only stun and blind the enemy temporarily, but they deal damage too. This ability can be vital to rushing through an area that is rife with Archæans; teamed up with his assault rifle, SMOKE can quickly clear an important area, too.

SMOKE perhaps isn't the easiest Operator to get to grips with, considering his ability requires precise aim and timing. However, for any player with patience, a good squad to assist them, and a half-decent aim, SMOKE will get by just fine - and that's why he's so good. With a good weapon, SMOKE is capable of stalling enemies where necessary and taking them out at mid-range while they're stunned and weak. With the help of a good squad, getting to the next subzone or safely extracting shouldn't be a worry.


FINKA's medical condition ultimately led her to develop a nanobot-driven adrenaline boost that can be vital to her squad. This, alone, made her a worthy candidate for REACT in Rainbow Six Extraction.

For the most confident of squads, FINKA may not be a necessary Operator, given that her ability centres around keeping herself and her squad alive for as long as possible. However, for a less confident squad or for one of the most difficult of missions, FINKA can be vital. Her ability temporarily boosts team reactivity and survival by reviving any downed teammates. While using her ability, teammates will always be downed while awaiting being revived, rather than immediately going MIA.

For a squad that heavily relies on each other, FINKA's ability proves rather useful for keeping everyone alive at crucial moments. She does not quite have the sheer star power that a more offensive Operator may have, but her ability to keep them alive can become crucial at higher difficulties where Archæan mutants don't seem to stop coming.


Like SLEDGE, JÄGER also volunteered himself to help combat the Chimera parasite as a part of REACT in Rainbow Six Extraction. As a proficient helicopter pilot, JÄGER knew his skills would be beneficial to both offense and defense.

JÄGER's ability involves a 'place and forget' gadget; the turret, once deployed, will attack all enemies and intercept any projectiles in the area. This is particularly useful for protecting a team and being helpful to your squad even after you leave the area to assist with a mission objective, or if you go MIA.

Ultimately, once the turret is deployed, JÄGER is free to continue with whatever they want around a Containment Zone and the turret will continue to remain active. This is particularly useful for keeping areas clear while completing certain mission objectives, such as a scan, and the ability remains useful even in the worst of situations. Paired with sheer combat skill, a JÄGER player can be vital to missions.


Capitão is a calm and well-respected member of REACT in Rainbow Six Extraction. He has valuable leadership skills that are deemed to be an important asset to many squads in REACT.

Capitão's ability allows him to silently fire bolts that will detonate on impact; these bolts can alternate between being venomous, or being smoke screens. When it comes to trying to navigate the squad through the map, locating a mission objective or transporting an MIA, Capitão's ability comes in use for clearing the area of any hostiles.

If a Capitão player feels comfortable taking the role of the leader in a squad, alongside an Operator with a good offense ability, completing mission objectives should be an easy task. Capitão can smoke out risky areas, lead his team to the next subzone or the extraction point, while another member of the squad handles any Archæans that follow you.

There you have it. Those are five Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction that are worth playing around with. Whether you're new to the Rainbow Six series or not, each Operator can play a vital role in a squad! Every squad will need some firepower to keep the Archæans at bay while planting bombs or coordinating attacks, and most squads will need some healing power while playing with friends, too.

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