Rainbow Six Extraction: All Operators, Abilities and Weapons

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator, Ela.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator, Ela.

As the Chimera parasite aggressively dominates containment zones across the US, you and your squad in Rainbow Six Extraction must do whatever you can to assess and contain it. This means slaying plenty of Archæans, going on rescue missions, and making the most of your REACT technology.

There are eighteen Operators that are a part of REACT - the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team - for you to choose from; some of them you may even already be familiar with from that of spiritual predecessor, Rainbow Six Siege. They each have their own signature ability and starting weapons, some of which are better than others, making the decision between Operators difficult at times.

In this guide, we share all of the Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, plus their signature ability and weapon, with thanks to Ubisoft's introduction.


DOC is skilled in both combat and medicine, making him a medical provider for others, as well as highly tactical in a gunfight.

  • Ability: Health Pistol that can revive himself or teammates.
  • Weapon: SG-CQB Shotgun


PULSE has a background in FBI biometrics collection and analysis, making him tuned to Archæan physiology and therefore vital to operations.

  • Ability: Can detect VIPs, MIAs, and enemy nests through obstacles.
  • Weapon: M1014 Shotgun


After her medical condition led to the development of her nanobot-driven adrenaline boost, FINKA can be vital to keeping her squad up and running for even longer. We even think of her as one of Extraction's best Operators.

  • Ability: Will temporarily boost team reactivity and survival by reviving any downed teammates. While the ability is active, teammates will always be downed rather than going MIA.
  • Weapon: SPEAR .308 Assault Rifle


HIBANA has an extensive background in counter-terrorism, making her highly tactical and deadly, especially when it comes to the Chimera parasite.

  • Ability: Can fire remotely detonable sticky explosives that deal armour penetrating damage.
  • Weapon: TYPE-89 Assault Rifle


Little is known about Vigil's background before becoming a part of the military, but it is known that his stealthy capabilities give him a tactical advantage over the Chimera parasite.

  • Ability: Can become undetectable for a period of time. Ability requires recharging.
  • Weapon: K1A1 Machine Gun


Lion was leading when it came to trying to contain the original source of the outbreak in New Mexico, so him and his EE-ONE-D drone were immediately seen as vital to combat in the US.

  • Ability: Can detect all moving enemies in an area for a period of time. Ability requires recharging.
  • Weapon: V308 Assault Rifle


Alibi completed years of work that involved the dismantling of various crime rings, and her network infiltration skills are undoubtedly vital to REACT.

  • Ability: Deploys a decoy from drones to lure and distract enemies; enemies who attack the decoy can be scanned.
  • Weapon: Mx4 Storm SMG


SLEDGE volunteered to be a part of REACT, with his imposing physical nature and uncanny skill making him the perfect candidate.

  • Ability: Equips a hammer that stuns parasites and destroys walls to make new paths.
  • Weapon: M590A1 Shotgun


Ela has unparalleled talents as a survivalist, but a disdain for authority that can often make her unpredictable.

  • Ability: Can throw sticky proximity mines that stun enemies. Ability recharges over time.
  • Weapon: Scorpion EVO 3 Machine Gun


SMOKE is an expert in both chemistry and biology, making him well-suited to taking on the Chimera parasite, especially given his operational experience.

  • Ability: Can throw remotely detonated smoke grenades that deal damage.
  • Weapon: L85A2 Assault Rifle


REACT needed Operators who would be self-sufficient and autonomous, so this is where Gridlock's expertise in mechanics and robotics stepped in.

  • Ability: Deploys ground traps that damage enemies and slow them down for a limited time.
  • Weapon: F90 Assault Rifle


IQ is tenacious and refuses to accept failure, making her welcomed immediately into REACT. She is vital to locating a threat and communicating amongst her team.

  • Ability: Detects REACT equipment through obstacles.
  • Weapon: AUG A2 Assault Rifle


JÄGER volunteered to help combat the Chimera parasite. As a proficient helicopter pilot, he knew his skills would be useful for defense and combat.

  • Ability: Deploys a turret that attacks enemies and intercepts projectiles in the area.
  • Weapon: M870 Shotgun


ROOK has renowned marksmanship skills and is known to be adaptable under great stress, like the threat of the Chimera parasite.

  • Ability: Drops armour plates for his team that provide damage resistance. Anyone wearing the armour will be downed rather than immediately MIA.
  • Weapon: P90 Submachine Gun


Capitão is calm and well-respected, with valuable leadership skills that serve as an important asset to REACT.

  • Ability: Silently shoots bolts that detonate on impact; can alternate between venom and smoke screen bolts.
  • Weapon: PARA-308 Assault Rifle


NOMAD is renowned for her endurance and athleticism, as well as her knowledge of environmental operations. These skills made her a top candidate for REACT.

  • Ability: Shoots proximity mines that knock enemies back and clear the area of hazards.
  • Weapon: AK-74M Assault Rifle


FUZE is skilled with improvisation in field-expedient applications, which is exactly what earnt him a spot with REACT.

  • Ability: Deploys remotely detonable charges on walls and barricades that release a cluster of grenades when activated.
  • Weapon: 6P41 Light Machine Gun


TACHANKA is loyal and calm, even under pressure, making her a viable and obvious choice for REACT.

  • Ability: Deploys a mounted LMG that anyone in the team can use.
  • Weapon: SASG-12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

That's all you need to know about the Operators being used in Rainbow Six Extraction. However, if you're familiar with Rainbow Six, these probably aren't new faces for you. For more on Extraction, take a look at our tips for starting the game, as well as our guide to taking on every enemy.

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