When Is The Next PS5 System Update?

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Like all modern consoles, PlayStation 5 receives regular system updates. Ranging between minor performance improvements, increased system stability and more substantial new features, it's hard to know what you can expect.

PS5 games can be stored on an external hard drive, though we can't play any directly from an external SSD just yet. However, internal storage can be expanded. If you're wondering when to potentially expect that, here's what we know so far.


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Previous Updates

After launching in November 2020, Sony's released several PS5 system updates previously. You can find more about them below:


Release Date

It's hard to predict when a new PS5 system update will drop. Some have been just weeks apart, while others took a couple of months. However, if we're going off the previous release pattern, we can safely speculate that a January/February update seems likely for the next one.


How To Update The PS5 And DualSense Controller

Many PS5 system updates bring a DualSense controller update, though this doesn't tend to apply for more minor patches. If you're looking to know how to carry out both updates, we've got you covered right here.