PS5 System Update Patch Notes (October 7): System Software 21.02-04.02.00 Released

Sony PlayStation has today (October 7) released a new PS5 System Software update. This latest update should be available for all users to download the next time they power on the console.

Unlike the more significant update released in Septembe which added M.2 SSD support the update released on October 7 isn't quite so big on features.

Like most updates that are released this latest system software patch is more about improving the console’s system performance.

The full list of System Software updates and changes can be seen further down in our patch notes.

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How to update the PS5 console system software

If the system software update on your PS5 console is stuck, restart the update. If that fails, download the update file to a USB drive.

You can download the update file from PlayStation's website by following the link.

PS5 System Software Download Sizes

13 April 2021
902.3 MB
9 June 2021
900 MB
15 September 2021
914 MB
7 October 2021
913.5 MB

Latest PS5 System Software Update Patch Notes

Version: 21.01-03.21.00 | Released 7 October 2021

This system software update improves system performance.

Previous PS5 console system software releases

PS5 Version: 21.02-04.00.00 | Released 15 September 2021

Main features in this system software update:

  • You can now insert an M.2 SSD into your PS5 console's expansion slot and use M.2 SSD storage. Just like your PS5's console storage, you can install PS5 and PS4 games in M.2 SSD storage and play them directly from there.

  • You can use PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSDs with a capacity of 250 GB minimum and 4 TB maximum.

  • To safely insert or remove your M.2 SSD, make sure your PS5 is turned off and that the AC power cord is unplugged.

  • To use M.2 SSD storage, insert your M.2 SSD into your PS5's expansion slot while your PS5 is turned off. When you turn on your PS5, you'll format your M.2 SSD so that it's ready to use.

  • To move a PS5 or PS4 game that's installed in console storage or USB extended storage to M.2 SSD storage, go to your game library, press the options button and then select [Move Games and Apps]. Then, select the game you want to move and then select [Move].

  • To install games to M.2 SSD storage by default, go to [Settings] > [Storage] > [Installation Location], select [PS5 Games and Apps] or [PS4 Games and Apps] and then select [M.2 SSD Storage] as the installation location.

  • You can now enjoy 3D audio through your TV speakers.
    • To enable 3D audio for your TV speakers, go to [Settings] > [Sound] > [Audio Output] and then turn on [Enable 3D Audio for TV Speakers].
    • You can also measure the acoustics of your room using the microphone on your DualSense wireless controller to apply the 3D audio setting that's optimised for your room.

  • In your games home screen, we've updated the following
    • If you have different platform versions of the same game installed, they'll now appear separately on your home screen.
    • Different versions of a game are now easier to spot. Icons are displayed to indicate the specific platform, such as PS5 or PS4.

  • In (Game Library), we've updated the following: 
    • The [Installed] tab is now the first tab you'll see, making it easier to find games that aren't on your home screen, as well as offering quicker access to your media gallery.
    • Under the [Installed] tab, each game's tile now clearly indicates its platform (such as PS5 or PS4). Also, just as in your games home screen, different platform versions of a game will now appear separately.
    • Under the [Your Collection] tab, you'll now see that game tiles display the number of versions available to you when you're entitled to multiple versions of a game.
    • You can now hide games much more quickly.

  • In Game Base, we've updated the following:
    • From the Game Base control menu, you can now do the following: 
      • You can now access party text chats and send messages from the Game Base control menu in the control centre.
      • If you're the owner of a party, you can now delete it. From the GameBase control menu, select the party you want to delete and then select [Delete Party] from the ... (more) menu. If you delete a party, it will be deleted for all members.
      • You can now see how many of your friends are online, busy or offline under the [Friends] tab.
      • You can now accept, decline or cancel multiple friend requests at the same time. To do so, under the [Friend Requests] tab, select [Received Requests] or [Sent Requests] from the (Select Multiple) menu.
    • In (Trophies), we've updated the following:  
      • You can now track up to five trophies per game in the control centre using the trophy tracker.
      • To start tracking a trophy, select a trophy and then select [Start Tracking].
      • When you're playing a game, you can easily access information about the trophies you've added to your trophy tracker.
      • You can also view your trophy tracker in pin-to-side mode to see information about the trophies during gameplay.
      • When viewing the trophy lists of games, the trophies will now be displayed vertically instead of horizontally. You'll now be able to see more information for each trophy without selecting it.

  • In the control centre, we've updated the following:
    • You can now customise your control centre more freely. All the controls at the bottom of the screen can be rearranged.
    • The first time you open the control centre, you'll see a quick introduction to some of its key features.

  • When you enable the screen reader, you can now use the following features:
    • You can now pause the screen reader by pressing the PS button and triangle button at the same time. To resume, press the PS button and triangle button again.
    • You can now make the screen reader repeat anything it reads. To do so, press the PS button and the R1 button at the same time.

Other updated features

  • On an Android or iOS/iPadOS device, you can now use the PS Remote Play app to access your PS5 via mobile data.

  • There's a new accolade type: Leader. This is for a player who crafts the plan, strategises and inspires others. In PS5 games, you can give accolades like "Leader" to players after online matches, when you want to encourage positive behaviour. All of a player's accolades, including this new type, appear on their profile.

  • In PlayStation Now, we've updated the following: 
    • The streaming connection test lets you identify and fix problems with your connection.
    • You can now choose your maximum streaming resolution to optimise your game performance.
    • Now you'll see directly in the game hub if and when a PlayStation Now game is scheduled to be removed, so you can be sure to try new games or play your favourites while they're still available.

  • When you're competing in challenges for a better time or a higher score and you set a new personal best, we'll automatically take a video clip of the action for you.
    • You can share the video clip directly from the challenge card in the control centre, or you can share it later from your media gallery.
    • To adjust this setting, go to [Settings] > [Captures and Broadcasts] >[Auto-Captures] > [Challenges].

  • You see suggestions in your control centre when a friend is playing a game you can join.
    • Previously, it would take about 1 day before these suggestions would appear for a friend you just added. They can now appear much more quickly.
    • Suggestions will also now appear even if your friend is playing a streamed PlayStation Now game.

  • We've made the following improvements to parental controls:
    • Now when a child requests to play a game or use communication features in a specific game, their parent or guardian will receive a notification on the PS5 and PlayStation App.
    • The child will also receive a notification when their parent or guardian accepts or denies a request, or stops allowing the child to play a game or use communication features.

  • In Media Gallery, we've added new fonts for the text you can add to your screenshots.

  • For the features available from the Create menu, we've updated the following: 
    • When you're manually recording a video clip, the elapsed time counter will now automatically disappear after 3 seconds and reappear when needed.
    • We've added more video lengths for you to choose from when saving recent gameplay.
    • You can now choose whether to display save confirmation notifications for screenshots. To adjust this setting, go to [Settings] > [Captures and Broadcasts] > [Shortcuts for Create Button] and then enable or disable [Display Save Confirmation for Screenshots].

  • You can now select whether you'd like to receive notifications on your PS5 or through email about new products and special offers. To do so, go to [Settings] > [Users and Accounts] > [Account] > [Communication Preferences].

  • In (Notifications), we've updated the following:
    • When you receive pop-up notifications with videos in them, you can now start the videos directly from the pop-ups or from your notifications list.
    • You can now turn off the sound your notifications make. Go to [Settings] > [Notifications] and then turn off [Play Sound].

  • When you log in to the PS5 and an accessory with a microphone is connected, the mute status of the microphone is now displayed.

  • We've simplified the process of connecting, disconnecting and setting up your Internet connection, making these tasks easier.

  • When adjusting your 3D audio profile for headphones, you can now move the sample sound to your left or right, allowing you to select a more optimised 3D audio profile. Go to [Settings] > [Sound] > [Audio Output] and then select [Adjust 3D Audio Profile].

  • We've improved the game audio quality of some games when 3D audio for headphones is enabled.

  • If you have a PULSE 3D wireless headset, you can now access an audio EQ feature in (Sound) in the control centre, with different presets to choose from.

  • Now when you block someone, you can choose to also leave the party that only you and they are in at the same time. You won't leave parties that include other players.

  • You now have two separate controls for including your mic's audio and party audio in your broadcasts. There are two more controls for doing the same with video clips.

  • We've updated the DualSense wireless controller device software to improve stability.

  • You can now update your DualSense wireless controller device software from settings. To check if an update is available, go to [Settings] > [Accessories] > [Controllers] and then select [Wireless Controller Device Software].

PS5 Version: 21.01-03.20.00 | Released 9 June 2021

  • This system software update improves system performance.
  • We've updated the DualSense wireless controller device software to improve stability.
  • We've fixed an issue that restricted the functionality of some screens when the screen reader was enabled.
  • We've fixed an issue where games that you've hidden on PS4 were not hidden on PS5.
  • We've made the process of copying games from USB extended storage to console storage in the game library more stable.

PS5 Version: 21.01-03.00.00 | Released 13 April 2021

  • You can now store PS5 games in USB extended storage.
    • To move PS5 games from console storage to USB extended storage, go to your home screen or game library, open the options menu for the PS5 game you want to move and then select Move to USB Extended Storage.
    • To play PS5 games that are in USB extended storage, go to your game library, and copy the game to console storage from the options menu. Copying games is faster than redownloading them. It's also faster than reinstalling them from the disc if the game on USB extended storage has add-ons or has been updated.
  • You can now enjoy Share Play with players on PS4. Use Share Play to invite your friends on PS4 to watch you play a game, or even hand over control to them.
  • We've added zoom to our accessibility features. Use zoom to magnify what's on your screen. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Display > Zoom to enable this feature.
  • We've added Disable Game Chat Audio in the control centre under Sound. If you turn on this setting, your voice won't be heard, and you won't hear other players' voices in game chats. This setting doesn't apply to party voice chat audio.
  • In Game Base, we've updated the following:
    • You can more easily access recent parties and see your online friends. Use the R1 and L1 buttons to quickly move between tabs.
    • You can now turn notifications on or off for each of the parties you're in.You can now adjust the volume of other players' voices in party voice chat as well as in the game chat of some games. From the voice chat card in the control centre, select a player to adjust their volume.
  • In Profile, we've updated the following:
    • You can now share your favourite gaming moments more easily than ever. Under the Shared tab, select Go to Media Gallery and pick your favourite media to share.
    • We've separated videos and broadcasts under the Shared tab for easier browsing.
  • You can now manage all the games you follow by going to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Manage Followed Games. This allows you to unfollow games without having to navigate to the individual news posts or game hubs.
  • For displays that support the HDMI device link feature, you can now enable or disable one-touch play and power off link individually. Go to Settings > System > HDMI to change these settings.
    • When one-touch play is enabled, turning on your PS5 console will also turn on your connected display.
    • When power off link is enabled, turning off your connected display will put your PS5 console in rest mode.
  • You can now set the country or region in the parental control settings for PS5 console users and guests who haven't joined or signed in to PlayStation Network.
    • The country or region you select will determine what rating system is applied to PS5 games and apps. To change a user's country or region, go to Settings > Family and Parental Controls, select the user, and then select PS5 under Age level for games and apps.
    • You can also set the country or region in advance for new users and guests on your PS5 console. To do so, go to Settings > Family and Parental Controls > PS5 Console Restrictions > Parental Controls for New Users > PS5.
  • You can now hide games in Game Library. If you hide a game, it will no longer be displayed under the Your Collection tab.
    • To hide a game, go to the Your Collection tab, open the game's options menu, and then select Hide.
    • To view your hidden games, go to the Your Collection tab, open the Sort and Filter menu, and then select Hidden Items.
    • To unhide a game, turn on the Hidden Items filter, open the options menu for the game you want to unhide, and then select Unhide.
    • Games you hide on your PS4 console will also be hidden on your PS5 console.

Other updated features

  • We've added the following features to saved data management:
    • When you start or resume a PS5 game, your console will check for newer saved data in cloud storage. If you have more recent saved data in cloud storage, you can choose to sync the data.
    • It's now easier to manage your saved data directly from the home screen. When you open the options menu for a game, you'll now see Upload/Download Saved Data and Check Sync Status of Saved Data.
  • We now support more emojis.
  • In Trophies, we've updated the following:
    • You can now access screenshots and videos taken the moment you earn a trophy. Select a trophy you've earned to see related media.
    • You can now choose which grades of trophies you want to save trophy screenshots and videos for. To change these settings, go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Trophies.
    • Now when you select a hidden trophy, you can press the square button to quickly show hidden information.
    • You can now go directly to a game's trophy list from a trophy card by selecting Go to Trophies in the options menu.
    • Once you've selected a sort order for your trophies, your trophies will remain sorted in that order for all games.
    • You can now view your trophy stats by pressing the square button on the Trophies screen.
    • Now when you sort your trophies by rarity or earned date, the trophy cards will show the rarity or earned date information.
  • If you install this update, Enable Chat Transcription in accessibility settings will be turned off. If you want to use the chat transcription feature, turn this setting back on.
  • In the multitasking feature for cards, we've updated the following:
    • Now when you focus on the multitasking icon on a card, you'll see hints about the multitasking modes that are available: picture-in-picture, pin to side, or both.
    • We've added a button guide to show you how to interact with a card that's currently in multitasking mode.
  • In the control centre, you can now see your controller's remaining battery level even while it's charging.
  • In the game or subscription hub, you'll now see promotional offers that are currently available, including those for PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now and EA Play subscribers. To view the options that aren't displayed in the hub, press the ... (more options) button.
  • When playing a game you've hidden by selecting Hide your games from other players in your privacy settings, other players will no longer see information about the game you're currently playing next to your online status.
  • Some PC monitors that can display 1080p/120 Hz now support 120 Hz display for games. If you're having trouble viewing your game at 120 Hz, go to Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output, and then turn off Enable 120 Hz Output.
  • We've added the option to switch the video output to non-HDR when using a game or app that doesn't support HDR. To change this setting, go to Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output > HDR.
  • We've made updates to the system software to improve stability and performance.

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