PS5 System Update: New Software Features and Storage Improvements Coming April 14

Sony has finally revealed the PS5's first major firmware update, and it's coming tomorrow.

The update will make big changes to PS5 game storage, add cross-generation share play, and improve social features on the console, with updates coming to the PlayStation app, too.

Here's all we know, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

The big feature that many have been waiting for is the ability to move PS5 games to a USB hard drive. While the PlayStation 5 can't play the games from an external drive (M.2 support is still coming in the future), players will be able to rotate games without having to redownload them entirely.

Share Play will now work across PS5 and PS4, meaning your friends on older hardware can still watch your gameplay in the corner of the screen, or take direct control of a PS5 game.

There's a new "Request to Join Game Session" option, too, which sounds ideal for cutting the time it takes to squad up.

The Game Base menu has been reworked to allow for faster access to content, as well as faster switching between parties and friends. Players can also now adjust friends' volumes independently.

Another big addition is the option to pre-load content updates when enabled by developers, potentially cutting download times when you're ready to jump into a new season of Warzone, for example.

Players can also search their library, hide games, and set screen magnification.

There's also a new Trophy Stats screen to show an "at a glance" look at how your collection stacks up, as well as video recording changes when you earn them.

As per the PlayStation blog, "the level of trophies that results in automatic capture of a screenshot or video clip can now be customized — so you can now choose to only capture and save images/videos of moments when you earn higher-grade trophies, like Gold or Platinum."

Finally, the PlayStation App will, in the coming weeks, allow for joining a multiplayer session within the app, managing console storage, comparing trophies and more.

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