Warzone New Map 2021 LEAKS: Release Date, Setting, Points Of Interest, Trailer, Gameplay And Everything We Know About The Black Ops Cold War Warzone Map

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This year we'll be getting a new map coming to Warzone. And no, it's not Rebirth Island! So where are we headed for next in Warzone?

Ever since the discovery of a nuclear missile within one of the Verdansk bunkers, the questions surrounding when a new map will arrive on Call of Duty: Warzone have always been spoken about.

With the integration of Black Ops Cold War at the beginning of Season One, the rumour mill picked up traction once again.

To an extent, the launch of Rebirth Island was a new Warzone map but was not the large-scale battlefield that players were hoping for.

We hope the developers have a similar-sized map to Verdansk! Here's what we know about the new Warzone map.

Latest News

Warzone Event Part 2 Kicks Off At 8PM BST - 22nd April

Hold onto your seats, we're just over two hours away.

New Warzone Map - 22nd April

Part 2 Will Be A Flashback - 22nd April

The Stadium gets Revamped - 22 April

Verdansk Has Been NUKED! - 21st April

After all the teasers and speculation, Verdansk as we know it has been obliterated by a nuclear missile.

We now wait until the second part of Warzone's nuke event to find out what happens next...

Verdansk 1980 Screenshots Leaked - 21st April

Notable leaker @InfoCoDES_2 has managed to obtain brand-new screenshots showcasing the new Verdansk map set in the 1980s.

Timings For Warzone Event Revealed - 20th April

Activision has revealed the timings ahead of the hotly anticipated Warzone event.

Find a list of timings in a number of time zones below:

  • 12PM PT - 2PM PT, 2PM - 9PM, and 12PM - 1PM on April 22nd
  • 8PM BST - 10PM BST, 5AM - 8PM, and 8PM - 9PM on April 22nd
  • 9PM CEST - 10PM CEST, 6AM - 9PM, and 9PM - 10PM on April 22nd
  • 3PM ET - 5PM ET, 5PM - 12AM, and 3PM - 4PM on April 22nd

Screenshots of 1980s Verdansk Leaked - 19th April

@CallOfDutyLeakz has re-posted screenshots from the new Warzone map that had appeared but were quickly taken down.

Has The Nuke Event Been Delayed? - 9th April

After new clues surrounding the event were discovered within Warzone's files, has the event been pushed back even further?

Click here to find out more.

Ural Mountains Map Scrapped? - 5th April

Despite the overview of the map being leaked, it appears that plans to introduce the new map have been scrapped altogether.

According to @ModernWarzone, the appearances of the Duga satellite array and the mineshaft seen in the leaked commercial are from the Ural Mountains map and will be added into Verdansk which is set to transition into a 1980s-themed map.

Release Date

Several leaks and rumours reported by a number of sources have suggested that the new map will be released in March 2021.

With no event taking place to mark the first anniversary of the battle royale, April 22nd is the likely date of the new map being introduced. It also coincides with the launch of Season 3.

Map Size

According to notable Call of Duty leaker ModernWarzone, the size of the new map will be an 8x8 grid.

To put it into perspective, Verdansk is a 9x9 map but only has 6.5x7 of the total area that is playable.

If this information is accurate, the new Warzone map will be bigger than Verdansk.


As the launch of 1980s Verdansk gets ever closer, screenshots of the new map have started to surface.

The above screenshots show Downtown, TV Station and Airport with a new coat of 1980s-themed paint.


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Updated: 13th April

It now looks certain that the new Warzone map will be heading back in time to the 1980s rather than an all-new map making an appearance.

Original Article

Warzone could be heading out of the city and into the mountainous countryside for its new map.

With the integration of Black Ops Cold War and the release of the Fireteam mode that features large maps, the new map could well be set in the Ural Mountains.

Another clue suggesting the Fireteam maps will be used to compose some of the new map are the names of the files within the game.

Ruka has the file name ‘wz_forest’ while Alpine has the file name ‘wz_ski_slopes’ implying that the maps will be included in Warzone in some capacity.

Points Of Interest

In Verdansk, there are several smaller points of interest alongside some of the larger areas of the map.

Aside from the Fireteam maps making up the basis for this new map, there will be other, smaller, locations that make up the foundation of the map.

@ModernWarzone has reported that one of the smaller points of interest on the new map is named 'Zoo' and is said to be located near the centre of the map.

Zoo was a multiplayer map released in the first Black Ops title and given its somewhat gloomy aesthetic, it could slot into a map set in the mountains very easily.

@ModernWarzone has also stated that a POI is called 'Weather Station'. The closest POI to it was called 'Ski Slopes', which is known to be the Fireteam map Alpine.

Could Summit be returning in the new Warzone map?


Just like the Know Your History event, it looks like players that manage to participate in the upcoming event will be entitled to some kind of rewards.

@ZestyCODLeaks has been very busy! In a huge wave of leaks, the leaker has revealed that there will be rewards up for grabs.

One of them will be a calling card showing the burning remains of Verdansk.


Swimming Warzone
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Rumours surrounding the design of the map currently suggest that there will be several elements of water on the map.

Swimming mechanics first appeared in Call of Duty with the release of Black Ops 3 and with the integration of Black Ops Cold War, the addition of a swimming mechanic to Warzone could well be on the horizon.

New Vehicles

New vehicles Warzone
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With no Ural Mountains map, the additions of water-based vehicles are unlikely but 1980s Verdansk will feature a number of brand-new vehicles according to recent leaks.

According to @ZestyCODLeaks, plenty of new ground-based vehicles will be arriving alongside the new map.

Find a full list of vehicles expected below:

  • Big Bird
  • Police Car
  • Box Truck
  • Medical Transport
  • Pickup Truck
  • Van
  • Personel Transport
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