Rebirth Island Easter Egg Guide: Blueprint, Code, Briefcase And Photograph Locations - How To Get The 'Red Room' Milano 821 Blueprint

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Season 5 of Warzone is well underway and while focus begins to turn towards the release of Season 5 Reloaded, players are still looking to uncover the secrets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Raven Software continues to add a range of hidden Easter Eggs for players to discover and this particular quest involves opening the mysterious Yellow Door that's on Rebirth Island.

By opening the door, players can get their hands on some exclusive blueprints and a huge amount of loot that can swing the momentum of a match in their favour. Here's how to complete the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Warzone


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Rebirth Island Easter Egg Guide

The ultimate goal is to get the code to unlock the Yellow Door located in the Headquarters Command Centre's first floor.

It's expected a new part of the storyline will be unveiled and a Blueprint weapon is waiting on the other side.

What's behind the Yellow Door?

Once done, you'll unlock the Milano 821 SMG Blueprint 'Red Room'.


Photo via @geekypasttimes

Step 1: Find The Briefcase

Players will need to locate a briefcase on the island, which is in a different position each game.

There are 9 possible locations for it to show up and it is completely random.

Here are the possible locations:

Photo via TheGamingRevolution


There is a way to help yourselves as the briefcase will spawn in the final second of the warm-up round before the game starts.

If you're in a team of three, you can split up into three spots in the warm-up to check if it shows up and save yourselves some time.

Photo via TheGamingRevolution

Step 2: Follow The Photos

Next to the briefcase, there will be three photos.

The photos will tell you where to go by showing you locations on the map.


Photo via TheGamingRevolution

There will be three photos and they will give you three codes; these change every game.

Here are the locations of 26 different codes:

Photo via TheGamingRevolution

Photo via TheGamingRevolution


Only three of these codes will be of use to you.

Note down the codes (including the dashes).

If you're struggling to find the exact locations of the codes, check out TheGamingRevolution's in-depth video on where they are located starting at 4:00.

Step 3: Open The Yellow Door

Head to the Yellow Door located in the Main Headquarters building.

So how do these codes work when putting them in? The sequence must not start or end in a dash.


Here are the rules:

  • If you have three numbers on their own, it is the first numbers of the code
  • If you have three numbers and a dash, it is the first numbers of the code
  • If you have two numbers, regardless of how many dashes, it is the middle numbers of the code
  • If you have three numbers with a dash at the start, it is the final numbers of code

Once inside, you'll enter an underground bunker with the Milano 821 SMG Blueprint 'Red Room', Foresight killstreak, and Specialist Bonus perk.

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