New PS5 System Update Is Now Available to Download

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It's that time once again folks. After the last update brought in significant new features like support for internal M.2 SSDs and 3D audio support for TV speakers, Sony's just issued a fresh firmware update for the PlayStation 5.

Calling this Version 21.02-04.03.00, that's available for download right now, coming it at a mere 913.7 MB. So, the obvious question now is, what does this actually do? As seen in the screenshot below, it's just another performance improvement for the PS5.

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New PS5 System Update Is Now Available to Download

Specifically, that says "this system software upgrade improves system performance" and there's no other accompanying patch notes. So, if you were hoping for something more substantial like external SSD support, you're out of luck.


Given Sony's update schedule so far, we can likely expect a further system update around November or December. Elsewhere, Sony recently confirmed that to celebrate PSVR's fifth anniversary next month, they'll be including three additional PSVR games into next month's PS Plus line-up. As always, we'll keep you informed when we learn more.