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PS5 Tesco Pre Order and UK Stock Check UPDATE: When Will They Restock?


PS5's are in very, very short supply - but the good news is that they're starting to find their way into select retailers.

While Tesco wouldn't be the first name on anyone's list when it comes to grabbing a new PS5, the British retailer is actually pretty decent when it comes to UK PS5 Stock.


Here's the latest news - remember, we'll be updating this page regularly, and for the most up-to-date PS5 news, check out Gfinity Deals.

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UPDATE: w/c 10 May:

Tesco are still being very quiet as to when we can purchase a PS5, despite there being games available on the site at the time of writing.

That being said this week should see some more activity with other stores, with Argos already leading the charge with their stock drop on the 11th May.

You can find out which stores to watch at our central UK PS5 Stock hub here.

UPDATE: w/c 12 April:


With April looking like one of the quietest months for stock drops, we're all still waiting on news from Tescos as to a restock will happen.

Some UK retailers like GAME and Argos have limited in-store stock, and it's also rumoured to be the last time this month you can get one, thanks to a huge PS5 stock delay.

Head over to our dedicated UK PS5 Stock hub for all the latest!

UPDATE: w/c 5 April:

Tesco is still quiet as to when they will have a restock.

There has been a vast amount of time since any Tesco PS5 activity, which does pose the question of whether we'll see a drop this month at all?

On the other hand, other retailers have been tipped to drop PS5 stock this week, head over here for all the latest.


UPDATE: w/c 29 March: 

While last week proved fairly fruitful for retailers such as GAME and Smyths, Tesco was again quiet. 

However, the longer it stays that way, arguably the closer we get to a potential drop, so we're on high alert should that happen.

Other retailers you would be wise to keep an eye out for this week would be Amazon, John Lewis and even EE if you're a customer.

You can keep up with all the latest UK PS5 Stock news right here.

UPDATE: w/c 22nd March

Another week, another set of rumours. At the time of writing, there is no news on the Tesco front following a statement relating to unofficial pre-order sites, which you can read in our 19th March update.


This week's rumours were circulating around John Lewis, GAME and Very, and while we saw a GAME and a very brief Smyths drop, for the UK it looks like we'll have to wait until next week.

Head over to our UK PS5 stock hub for all the details.

As for when Tesco will restock, we'll have to keep our ear firmly pressed to the ground and let you know when we hear more!

UPDATE: 19th March

Tesco has released the following statement warning of unofficial sites utilising the chain's branding:

"We have been made aware of an unofficial pre order site using the Tesco Branding. This is in no way affiliated with Tesco or Activate OnDemand."

"Please do not use these sites to pre order a PS5 or Xbox."


Tesco has also noted that it doesn't have "any visibility of any future stock at this time", and noted that the "digital version is not available to reserve at this time".

"There is a limit of 1 console per customer in place. We are unable to deliver orders at the moment and they must be collected from your chosen store within 2 days of the collection date."

UPDATE w/c 15th March 

We've just seen that a queue has appeared to reserve a PS5 on Tescos - however, it does appear to not be going anywhere at the time of writing. 

There are rumours that there could be stock arriving this week, and we've just seen the Amazon PS5 drop for the UK come in on 17th March.

PS5CentralNews on Twitter said: "Retailers who have not dropped any PS5 stock for 2021: BOX, Littlewoods, Tesco, BT / EE, eBuyer but not publicly".

This could mean that more are due to drop...and there are some rumours pointing towards Smyths.


Gfinity Deals Editor, Ramzi Musa, has his own opinion on whether or not we'll see a stock drop this week.

"We certainly think a drop is likely but as we've seen in previous drops, they land with very little warning. And you'll need to be fast."

One likely contender for the next drop could well be Amazon US - here's everything we know so far...

UPDATE 7th Jan

Christmas may be in the rearview mirror but demand for the PS5 has not lessened now that the festive season is over. If anything, with the introduction of a third national lockdown in the UK, demand for the console is at an all-time high. 

Fresh stock of the console hasn’t been seen at TESCO (or any other retailer) for over a month now, but the internet is abuzz with whispers that retailers will be taking new PlayStation 5 orders as early as this week. 

Of course, similar rumours have proved to be false in past so take these reports with a pinch of salt, but for now, we recommend keeping tabs on TESCO’s dedicated PS5 pre-order page as well as sites like Amazon that could have stock in the coming days.

If you’re on the hunt for a PlayStation 5 make sure you’re following our Gfinity Deals UK account, which will have the latest stock information the minute we have it. 


UPDATE 14th Dec - PS5 stock rumours are flying across the internet at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, most of them are proving to be very much false as retailers are yet to restock the console since the last drop on 4th December. 

A few retailers, including Argos and Smyths Toy, have confirmed that they won’t have any more PS5 stock for the rest of 2020, but we’ve heard no such warning from TESCO as of yet. 


It’s worth keeping tabs on the supermarket’s pre-order page, as stock has been known to drop without warning, Amazon is another one worth keeping your eye on as the retailing giant may have more stock in the coming days. 

If you’re desperately on the hunt for Sony’s next-generation PlayStation system, make sure to follow our Gfinity Deal UK account for the latest stock information as we get it.

UPDATE 19th Nov - LAUNCH DAY IS HERE! If you are still trying to get hold of a PS5 from TESCO or any other retailer use the links below:


The TESCO site has been going up and down all morning - so try several different links to try and grab yourself the console!

The last time we checked, at 10am, the site barely loaded and displayed a message which read: "WE ARE TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK, PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON"

UPDATE 18th Nov - After a torturous week of watching US gamers enjoy the PS5, the UK is finally getting in on the action tomorrow as Sony's next-gen system launches on this side of the pond.

Of course, not everybody has been able to secure a pre-order as the demand for the PS5 has been absolutely overwhelming with every single retailer selling out of stock in mere minutes. 

However, if you're still trying to grab yourself a PS5 in time for Christmas then we have great news, a slew of UK retailers including Amazon, GAME and TESCO have all confirmed they'll have additional stock up for order tomorrow. 


TESCO has confirmed this will be an online-only wave, there won't be any instore stock available, so have this link open on your browser and be ready at 9am when stock is due to go live.

If you miss out at TESCO, fear not you'll have a second chance as Amazon will be offering fresh orders from 12pm, here is the link you'll need to be in with a chance of getting a PS5 from there. 

Make sure to follow our Gfinity Deals twitter account as well for up to the minute stock updates on the PS5, and good luck! 

Original Story - The Sony PlayStation showcase was packed with big reveals and exclusive new looks at some outstanding games coming to next-gen consoles.

But we shouldn't kid ourselves that the most important details revealed were both the price and release date for the new PS5 console.

It's a bit of a shame that those in the UK and Europe will have to wait an extra week to get their hands on the console compared to other parts of the world.

But, none of that is going to matter if you can't secure your PS5 early with a pre-order in the first place.


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Whilst most people will naturally gravitate towards the usual sites to pick up a pre-order, such as GAME and Amazon, it's worth remembering that sometimes the best places to look are the more unconventional.

Like Supermarkets. No, really.

It sounds weird, but we all know the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA, and Morrisons all have large entertainment sections. You just don't really think about them, except when you're bored and wandering the aisle when you should be doing the weekly shop (Or is that just me?)

The point is, don't ignore these massive supermarkets to help secure your PS5 pre-order. Which brings us neatly onto the question at hand for one of the biggest stores in the UK.

Can you pre-order PS5 at Tesco?

Pre-orders for the Sony PS5 have already gone live on the Tesco website.


In fact, it looks as though the major supermarket retailer was one of the first stores in the UK to have the console on sale following the PS5 showcase.

Naturally though, stock sold out incredibly quickly. Just as it had with GAME, Smyths Toys, and a few other retailers on Wednesday evening. But not Argos, who are waiting until Friday before going live with their PS5 pre-orders.

For now, your best bet is to check out Gfinity's PS5 Pre-Order Hub for all the latest details on where you can buy the console, or perhaps setting up automated stock alerts with someone like StockInformer.co.uk.

Based on the pre-order page for Tesco - tescopreorders.com/uk/ps5 - it looks as though the supermarket are only selling the standard edition PS5 console.

So, Tesco doesn't appear to be selling the PS5 digital edition from the looks of things. If that's the console of choice you're after, it might be time to start thinking of trying to pre-order from somewhere else (when stock is available).

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What is the PS5 price from Tesco?


For those curious, or perhaps determined to buy from Tesco at some point in the future, the supermarket is selling the PS5 standard edition for £449.99.

Though it's worth noting that Tesco also says"Retail Price Subject To Change Until Release Date".

Stay tuned for more details as and when Tesco release more stock or bookmark our PS5 Pre-Order Guide