PS5 Argos UK Pre Order Countdown: When can you order? What is the price?

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UPDATE: After some seriously mixed messaging about when pre-orders would open, PS5 orders are FINALLY live at Argos! The available stock has been coming and going all morning, so if at first, you aren't able to grab one keep trying as there is still some stock available, but it won't last for long. 

CLICK HERE TO BUY:PlayStation 5 at Argos - £449.99


CLICK HERE TO BUY:PlayStation 5 Digital Edition at Argos - £359.99

The mad scramble to get your PS5 pre-order is well and truly on - like a scene from Jingle All The Way, but with more facemasks and customers exactly 2 meters apart.

Despite telling fans they would get plenty of notice, Sony unexpectedly dropped pre-orders across the globe as early as last night.

For most in the UK, finding stock has been an issue because it's simply going so fast.


GAME, Amazon, Curry's, and Very have all had stock come and go faster than a Spider-Man loading screen (Well, when on PS5 at least!).

Argos, however, are holding fire.

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The famed high-street retailer appears to be waiting until this Friday before letting customers pre-order Sony's next-gen console on their website, and presumably in stores.


Despite no official communication from Argos, users have noticed that the site is hosting banner images which detail that pre-orders begin "this Friday".

Ahead of the mad rush, we've put together a quick guide to help you (hopefully) get to the front of the queue to place your order.

When can you pre-order PS5 from Argos?

As noted, the company has made it quite apparent that pre-orders begin Friday 18th September. 


That's two months ahead of launch.

Thanks to a new Tweet from Argos' official Twitter account, we now know that the console's pre-orders will go live at midnight, so you'll want to set an alarm.

Hi Fab. Thank you for getting in touch.Preorders for the PS5 will be available from 18/09/2020. They are scheduled to go live at midnight tonight :)Please be aware that stock is subject to availability.- Aiden
— Argos (@Argos_Online)
September 17, 2020

Argos also have a page where you can "register your interest", which you could do, but we imagine that all stock will have vanished long before that email hits your inbox. So if it was, we'd be hitting that refresh key on the site tomorrow morning.


PS5 Argos Prices Confirmed

Based on the same banner images showing on the Argos site we know that when pre-orders open they'll have both the standard PS5 console and the digital edition.

In terms of price, the standard edition will be selling for £449.99 whilst the digital edition will be selling for £359.99.