PS5 Stock GAME: Latest Rumours Point To Delays

Getting a PS5 has been tough going at the best of times, but the good news is that retailers like GAME are on hand with, what looks to be, multiple stock drops.

Of course GAME, like most retailers, has been impacted by huge volumes of traffic and the much despised 'bots' when they have released more PS5 stock, however, don't be deterred. 

Remember, speed is everything with getting a PS5, so we do highly recommend that you follow @GfinityDealsUK and any accounts which you feel will up your chances.

We've seen a number of our followers finally get a PS5 through GAME, so keep reading for the latest stock updates we have so far.

PS5 Stock UK Latest News

UPDATE 9 April: There could be a delay to a GAME restock if the latest rumours are to be believed.

@PS5UKStock tweeted earlier that "It looks like Suez Canal, chip shortages and stores opening had a bigger effect than we thought - GAME and Argos have not received PS5 stock".

If this is true, then it would perhaps account for one of the quietest weeks we've had for PS5 stock. 

Head over to our PS5 Stock UK hub for all the details.

Week commencing 5 April 2021: It's been a while since GAME last had a PS5 restock, but there could be some hope if the latest rumours are to be believed.

@PS5StockalertUK tweeted that, "We expect GAME & Very Wed/Thu.", which has piqued the interest of a number of people still waiting to get their hands on the next-gen console.

How likely is it? Well, the account has been on the money in the past, but even a good track record is far from a guarantee. 

And with no announcements from GAME themselves, many are still left guessing.

Stay on high alert, and we'll update you as soon as we hear more.

Week commencing 22 March 2021: GAME did indeed have a PS5 stock drop this week, which means the chances of another next week are understandably slim.

However, it does seem that PS5 stock drops are becoming more frequent as of late, with many retailers like John Lewis, Very and even Amazon tipped to drop soon.


PS5 console and accessories
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NEXT-GEN: Many are still trying their hardest to get the console

Week commencing 15th March 2021: This week was full of rumours of huge stock drops, and while many of the retailers like Smyths, Very, and Currys didn't see PS5 stock drops, we did see a big Amazon UK restock, and a number of wins for our followers at Gfinity Deals,

The big question is, what will next week bring?

Which UK Retailers Stock PS5?

The good news is there are seemingly more chances than ever to grab a PS5 in the UK, with multiple retailers stocking the console.

We have individual pages for most of these retailers below, where you can check all the latest stock news.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as we hear more, but if you're after our latest tips, tricks and UK PS5 Stock updates, be sure to click the link below!

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