ASDA PS5 Stock Check: Is PlayStation 5 Console Available Today? What Is The price? How To Check

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PS5 stock is something you'll always want to check if you're still on the hunt for the console, and when it comes to where to look, supermarkets like ASDA can be a great shout.

We've got all the latest stock PS5 stock updates for ASDA right here, so let's dive in.

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Latest PS5 Stock Updates


Week commencing 22nd March 2021: Welcome to a new week and yet another round of rumours, but which retailers are in the spotlight this time?

Today, we saw GAME drop in the early morning alongside some local drops from Argos. We also recently spotted a Smyths drop, however, it appeared to sell out in seconds.

However, on the ASDA front, it appears to be fairly quiet. We'll be sure to keep you updated when we hear more.

Buying a PS5 at ASDA?

Since PS5 consoles first went on sale for pre-order many months ago, ASDA has been selling PlayStation 5 consoles from the ASDA Website.

In fact, the major supermarket retailer was one of the first stores in the UK to have consoles available on sale.

But despite being one of the biggest shops in the UK, ASDA has also suffered from stock shortages just like Amazon, GAME, TESCO and a host of offer retailers.


Based on what we've seen, ASDA is only selling the standard edition PS5 console.

So, if you're looking to buy the PS5 digital edition you might want to look elsewhere.

What is the ASDA price for a PS5?

For those curious, or perhaps determined to buy from ASDA at some point in the future, the supermarket is selling the PS5 standard edition for £449.99.

Where can you buy the PS5 from ASDA?

There are a few links you'll want to bookmark to check for ASDA PS5 stock.

The official ASDA site has a page for PS5 Games, another page for Games & Consoles, and also a page for just Games Consoles.

We'd make sure to check in on those pages periodically for new games, accessories and consoles.


Where else can you buy a PS5?

Many retailers are stocking the PS5, including but not limited to the following.