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PS5 Stock UK: 'MAJOR' PS5 Restock Tipped For THIS Date

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When it comes to getting a PS5, it's important to be in the know with all the latest UK news surrounding stock updates, especially when there seem to be new rumours almost every day!


The hunt for PS5 since its release in November has proved fruitful to some, but frustrating to others, so we're on hand to share everything we know so you can increase your chances.

Of course, speed is everything, and Twitter is proving a valuable tool in securing PS5 as quickly as possible. We'll always recommend that you follow @GfinityDealsUK, but it's also worth checking out other accounts to increase your chances.

At the end of the day, this about getting YOU a PS5, so let's dive in and take a look at the latest stock updates in the UK.

PS5 Stock UK Latest News

UPDATE 20 April: There was some excitement recently when an email was sent out to Sony Direct members which gave them 10% off on PS5 accessories.

Many thought this may be indicative of an imminent PS5 drop, however, they were left waiting.

The good news is that, if a recent tweet by @PS5instant is to be believed, we could now have a confirmed window for the next PS5 drop in the UK.

The tweet reads that a 'Major #PS5Stock should arrive 2nd week of May if everything goes to plan.'

In the past we rarely see retailers drop stock on a Monday, so we'd say set pencil in your high alert status for 11th May.


That being said, surprise drops are certainly not unheard of, and with Smyths PS5 Digital still listed as 'in stock April 2021', there could be some chances yet...

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UPDATE 19 April: If you're in the UK, then you've no doubt experienced the dry month of April when it comes to PS5 stock, but a listing on a major retailer may have just given us some hope.

Smyths Toys, which has been rumoured for a drop for some time has both the PS5 disc version and PS5 Digital listed on their site.

The disc version is marked as 'in stock May 2021', however, that's not the same as the Digital version...

WATCH THIS SPACE - The Digital Version Could Drop Sooner...
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WATCH THIS SPACE - The Digital Version Could Drop Sooner...

Currently, the PS5 Digital is marked as 'in stock April 2021', which could mean that we'll see a drop before the month is up.

The disc-less console has proved popular with people looking to save some money on experiencing next-gen, and with the recent update meaning players can store PS5 games on compatible external hard drives, the appeal has certainly increased.


We'll keep you posted...

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UPDATE 18 April: Unfortuenalty, no major retailer has updated their stock for the UK. But we are still on track for a large restock in May.

Twitter user @ps5ukalerts has stated that "PS5 drops have been dead recently for UK, we may not see one until early May".

We recommend you hold off purchasing any next-gen console from small sellers, and wait for the larger retailers to restock. This way you'll avoid any chance of getting scammed.

UPDATE 17 April: Could we be approaching a big restock soon?

A tweet from restock account @PS5Instant suggests the second week of May could see a big stock drop and urges buyers to hold out and resist the temptation to buy from scalpers.

The tweet reads "Major #PS5Stock should arrive 2nd week of May if everything goes to plan. Hold out, don't buy from scalpers. With the money you save you can grab - #PS4 games with a free #PS5 upgrade or a Pulse 3D headset.

Speaking of the headset, we reviewed it earlier this week.


UPDATE 16 April: It appears that the delays over this month, which has resulted in one of the quietest months for stock drops in recent weeks have a silver lining...

A tweet from @ps5instant claims that the delay may mean that we see an even bigger shipment next month.

The tweet reads, 'All UK #PS5stock delayed due to transport issues. Stock release was planned every week. Good news is Sony shipped out May's stock, we'll get April & May's #PS5restock altogether so huge windows per drop!'

If we do get April and May's PS5 stock altogether, it could well make May one of the best chances of getting a PS5 to date.

That being said, we're still not ruling out Amazon, they've been quiet for a while, but they're no stranger to surprising us.

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UPDATE 15 April: Smyths has been rumoured for weeks, but with no official announcements many have been left in the dark as to when their chance to bag a PS5 will come around.

But now, we finally have an official message from the retailer...and it's not good news for those looking this month.

screenshot of myths PS5 stock
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OFFICIAL: May 2021 will be your best chance

The product listing reads that PS5 will be expected in stock for May 2021.


When it comes to a specific date, we're still left in the dark, but we would advise being on high alert from the start of the month regardless.

There are, of course, other retailers which may release stock before April draws to a close.

There are rumours that we'll see Amazon restock, so we recommend staying on high alert.

We'll update you when we hear more!

UPDATE 14 April: Due to a significant PS5 stock delay, which appeared to be linked with the recent Evergreen, today is suggested to be the last time this month for shoppers to get a PS5.

'GAME isn't expecting more till May,' claims @Ps5instant in their latest tweet, which means that people are advised to check their local shop and hope for the best.

Argos is said to have some in-store stock, so call ahead and check if you're luck!

We'd also advise watching Amazon very closely this week, as it has been some time since they last restocked, which could well be the quiet before the storm.

To be first in line for stock updates, head over to our @GfinityDealsUK Twitter channel.


UPDATE 13 April: With covid restrictions easing across the UK, shipments for online-only orders are now not the only option, with two major retailers tipped for an in-store restock.

The latest post by @PS5instant reads that, 'Several Argos & GAME have stock for in-store only. Some received their stock today, rest will have it arrive tomorrow & Weds.'

They go on to advise that it's 'Best to call and check' and that 'shipments been smaller than retailers expected!'

Amazon is still rumoured to be dropping very soon, as are Very and Smyths so stay on high alert, everyone!

UPDATE 12 April: With the latest rumours suggesting that GAME and Argos could be delayed, many are left wondering as to when they'll be able to bag themselves a PS5.

If you're after one from GAME, according to @PS5stockalert, you could be waiting a while.

The tweet reads, 'Delivery boxes for bundles are to be prepared next weekend. If PS5 shipments successfully arrive to GAME between the 19th-23rd to be packaged in the bundle boxes, we could expect the restock to occur 27th-29th.'

Amazon is particular has been fairly quiet as of late, so we're on high alert should anything happen.

UPDATE 10 April: The latest tweet from @Ps5instant appears to suggest that PS5 production may be reducing.


In the tweet, they state that 'Sony forced to reduce #PS5 production as they pre-ordered less microchips from April onwards, predicting sales reduction just like PS4 release.'

It continues to read that, 'Despite record number of microchips being produced, chip demand due to COVID is causing a shortage.'

Whether this is accurate or not is up for debate, however, it does seem believable that Sony would anticipate a similar sales pattern as previously seen with the PS4.

The effects of COVID on manufacturing and supply are also well known.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get them.

UPDATE 8 April: It appears that we're not the only ones who think it's about time Very restocked the next-gen console.

@PS5UKStock seems to share our sentiments, tweeting that "Very are well overdue a drop."

They even accompanied the message with some previous drop times, "9:55am 1:12pm 1:10pm", which could prove useful to those still on the hunt.

Later today we saw another post that appeared to rule out PS5 stock dropping this week altogether.


@PS5instant tweeted "#PS5 won't be released till next week," going on to cite "most retailers re-open Monday & are busy setting up".

This could be the case, however, we're not ruling out anything just yet, so be sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter feed for any surprise announcements. 

UPDATE 7 April: @PS5StockalertUK tweeted that, "We expect GAME & Very Wed/Thu.", which has piqued the interest of a number of people still waiting to get their hands on the next-gen console.

Read more about it right here at our dedicated GAME PS5 hub.

The account goes on to mention that "We ‘may’ expect Smyths Toys today around 4PM, if nothing happens, they should be Wed/Thu too."

We have heard countless rumours surrounding Smyths, many of which have not come to fruition...

Nevertheless, we'd recommend staying on high alert!

Week commencing 5 April: While many were hoping a PS5 restock would take place at Argos, it would appear their hopes were dashed after @PS5StockAlertUK posted: "Argos has not received any shipments of stock over the weekend or during weekdays last week."

That being said, eyes will still be firmly fixed on the retailer who has delivered the goods in the past, with some lucky buyers placing their order and receiving in the console in a matter of hours.


Smyths has been rumoured for some time, so stay on high alert if you're still on the hunt!

Week commencing 29 March: The week saw a number of rumours which, for the most part, came true, however, there were still many retailers who we didn't see get in on the action despite our best hopes.

Amazon UK dropped PS5 stock in the morning of 30 March, but rumours of a Very, John Lewis and Smyth's drop appeared to not come to fruition. 

EE went ahead as planned on 30 March as part of their 'Add to Pan' service.

Week commencing 22 March 2021: Welcome to a new week and yet another round of rumours, but which retailers are in the spotlight this time?

Today, we saw GAME drop in the early morning alongside some local drops from Argos. We also recently spotted a Smyths drop, however, it appeared to sell out in seconds.

Since then it's been fairly quiet, with eyes turning towards John Lewis and Very, two of the other retailers expected to drop PS5 stock this week.

However, as exciting as the rumour may be, we still don't have an official date, or for that matter, an official time these stock manage expectations people!

Very has been rumoured for some time, and we've seen their Twitter customer service account being very helpful with users who reach out for more information in the past.

But since it appears all quiet on their side at the time of writing, perhaps we'll have to wait a little longer to find out more.

PS5 console and accessories
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NEXT-GEN: Many are still waiting for the experience

Week commencing 15th March 2021: This week was full of rumours of huge stock drops, and while many of the retailers like Smyths, Very, and Currys didn't see PS5 stock drops, we did see a big Amazon UK restock, and a number of wins for our followers at Gfinity Deals,

The big question is, what will next week bring?

Which UK Retailers Stock PS5?

The good news is there are seemingly more chances than ever to grab a PS5 in the UK, with multiple retailers stocking the console.

We have individual pages for most of these retailers below, where you can check all the latest stock news.


Gfinity Deals Top Tips To Get A PS5

The more PS5 stock drops, the more we learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to getting securing the console.

We're by no means saying that these will guarantee you success, but it's worth doing them if you're not already to increase your chances.

Be prepared for a midnight drop

We've seen PS5 stock appear at some fairly inconvenient times, notably with Argos, who dropped stock in the middle of the night.

If there's a rumour circulating, we don't advise staying up, but if you're up already it could be worth being on high alert!

The Wishlist Technique


Amazon users have seen some good success with adding the PS5 to their wishlist and then purchasing from there.

It's a technique that appears to be making the rounds and could be well worth trying for yourself if you're on the hunt.

Pre-filling Account Details

More often than not, it comes down to mere seconds to get your PS5, and one way you can shave off sometimes is by making sure your account details are all ready to go on your selected retailer.

Go for the bundles!

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice and one that circulated around even when the PS5 was released initially.

Popularity for a bundle that comes with a shirt, extra controller, charging station and so on, is seemingly less than the standalone console. Head of that way to partially avoid the traffic! 

Best of luck everyone, and be sure to check back in for all the latest!

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