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PS5 Stock UK: These Two Retailers Could Surprise Us This Week

When it comes to getting a PS5, it's important to be in the know with all the latest UK news surrounding stock updates, especially when there seem to be new rumours almost every day!

The hunt for PS5 since its release in November has proved fruitful to some, but frustrating to others, so we're on hand to share everything we know so you can increase your chances.

Of course, speed is everything, and Twitter is proving a valuable tool in securing PS5 as quickly as possible. We'll always recommend that you follow @GfinityDealsUK, but it's also worth checking out other accounts to increase your chances.

At the end of the day, this is about getting YOU a PS5, so let's dive in and take a look at the latest stock updates in the UK.

PS5 Stock UK Latest News

UPDATE 23 July: Fridays are typically quiet in the world of stock drops, however, according to recent claims there could be a chance we may get one.

Earlier in the week, a tweet from PS5instant, stated that both John Lewis and Asda were set to restock between 21st - 29th July, making us well into the predicted release window.


How likely will it happen today? We think it's unlikely based on what we've seen since the PS5 was released, as Friday drops are indeed the rarity.

However, nowadays we are seeing more 'random' drops than ever, so anything could happen!

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UPDATE 22 July: According to PS5 instant, we may see a drop within the hour for 6000 digital and 4000 disc PS5 consoles.

We'll announce at Gfinity Deals UK when they go live, but stay on high alert!

UPDATE 21 July: It appears that Argos started rolling out regional restocks earlier today. You can check your region using the link below to see if either the PS5 Disc or Digital Edition are in stock.


In other news, a big drop is said to be incoming soon for PS5 Digital, and the reason is said to be that some hardware changes are being made to the console, according to PS5instant.

Now before you go thinking that the PS5 will finally get 1440p native, we should say that these changes are reportedly to lighten the weight of the console to increase production.

On top of that keep an eye out for John Lewis and Asda this week, as both a rumoured to drop soon.

UPDATE 20 July: Some excitement this morning as Smyths Toys became the latest retailer to restock PS5s.

With Asda, John Lewis, and Argos tipped to drop this week, those still after the next-gen console could be in with a shot.

According to PS5instant, GAME has also received PS5 stock, including a 'huge amount of Digital' PS5s.

If GAME does drop, it'll likely happen in the morning between 8 am - 10 am if history has taught us anything, so be sure to stay on high alert for any announcements.


UPDATE 19 July: This week is tipped to have a number of drops from major retailers, however, as we have seen in the past this could all change at any moment.

Currently, Argos is tipped to restock from today - 23rd July, and since they typically open up orders between 1am - 4am, we'd say that today is likely not the day.

Both Asda and John Lewis are said to be restocking between 21st - 29th July, and Very is still predicted to drop between 22nd - 29th July.

We'll be on hand over at Gfinity Deals UK with all the latest!

UPDATE 16 July: This morning saw Amazon UK finally open up pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch Oled Model, just a day after pre-orders went live in the US for Best Buy, Gamestop, Target and more.

But on the PS5 front, it looks like disappointing news, as reliable PS5 stock tipster PS5instant shared an update on Very.

The tweet reads that stock arrived 'later than usual' and that the online retailer had 'only received Disc PS5s'.

It goes on to give a new date of 20 - 28th July (8-11am) for the drop.

As usual, we're not expecting any drops over the weekend, but we'd advise staying on high alert next week to be in with your chance of securing your console.


Very #PS5Stock arrived later than usual! They ONLY received Disc PS5s! 20-28th July (8-11am)

UPDATE 15 July: Amazon restock PS5 disc consoles yesterday, however, there is still no sight of the Digital Edition rumoured to be incoming soon.

But thankfully there are other stores tipped to drop this week which will be worth keeping an eye out on.

According to PS5instant, Smyths Toys are set to drop between now and the 17th July and Asda is also tipped for a restock from now to the 21st July.

We’ll be on high alert as always and notify you over on Gfinity Deals UK.

UPDATE 14 July: Amazon finally dropped today releasing PS5 disc stock.

If you didn't manage to get one this time around, the digital version is expected soon, but just how soon are we talking?

Well, based on previous restock patterns it's actually quite hard to pin down, especially since restocks, in general, have been less predictable than ever.

A recent tweet from PS5instant claims that the drop will be on a different day, so we'd say to stay on high alert from tomorrow onwards!


We'll be back with you soon to let you know when it goes live.

UPDATE 13 July: John Lewis dropped earlier this morning aligning with many of the predictions made around the retailer.

However if you were unable to secure a PS5 this time around, there are expected to be more chances soon, according to the latest claims.

Reliable tipset PS5instant states that we could expect Very, Smyths Toys and Asda up drop from 14th July, with Amazon possibly restocking from today.

Amazon last dropped on 27th June, making them somewhat overdue for another major restock, so we advise keeping your eye out for any announcements.

UPDATE 12 July: For those still on the hunt for a PS5 it looks like this week may have more than one opportunity, if the rumours are to true.

According to PS5instant, we could expect a number of retailers to drop this week, including Amazon, ASDA, John Lewis, Smyths, and Very.

While the date ranges given are broad, the two retailers tipped for the earliest restock this week are Amazon and Smyths.

If they do drop, we’d advise staying on high alert from around 7am, as we do typically see these retailers restock early in the day, with Amazon recently going ahead at around 8am.


Make sure to stay glued to Gfinity Deals UK for stock announcements the second we hear them.

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UPDATE 9 July: Argos appear to have followed suit after the GAME restock, but for those wanting to grab a PS5 there is a slight catch.

It appears that different regions will have different stock levels, so while it's exciting that the PS5 disc and digital editions are back in stock, we'd advise checking your local before getting your hopes up.

If you've missed out this time don't fret, as there will be more chances to come.

If you're looking to secure another new console, why not check out our Nintendo Switch Pre-order hub for everywhere you can guarantee your order ahead of the October release date.

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UPDATE 8 July: With the Currys PC World drop been and gone, at least for the digital version f the console, all eyes are on one major UK retailer for the next drop of the week.

GAME has been rumoured to drop since the 6th July and while we haven't seen anything just yet, we're not ruling anything out.


The gaming retailer typically drops in the morning, between 8am - 10am, so we'd recommend staying on high alert today.

If they don't restock today, we think it may be unlikely that we see it happen on Friday, and even less so over the weekend.

Time will tell, and we'll be on hand to share any stock announcements the moment we see them!

UPDATE 7 July: Currys PC World released more PS5 stock earlier this morning, including a PS5 digital bundle for £409.99.

It was good to see that the site is still holding up well with various bot protection precautions in place, giving those on the hunt for PS5 a better chance of grabbing one.

There are more retailers tipped to drop this week, including Smyths Toys, who recently went live with Nintendo Switch Oled Model pre-orders.

According to PS5 instant, they could drop from the 9th, and while Friday restocks are rare, they're not unheard of so it could be worth keeping an eye out.

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UPDATE 6 July: According to recent rumours, one major UK retailer is tipped to drop as early as today.


PS5instant posted on Twitter that GAME may be in line to restock between the 6th - 15th July, meaning that we could be due for a drop anytime soon.

How likely is it to go ahead? Well, on the whole many of the predictions on Twitter have been quite accurate, however, with nothing officially confirmed we can only be so confident.

We'd advise staying on high alert this week regardless, especially in the mornings when GAME does typically like to restock.

We'll be back with soon with all the latest.

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UPDATE 5 July: Major retailer, GAME, has been tipped to drop anywhere between the 6th - 15th July, meaning we could be just a day away from our next chance to secure a PS5 console.

Typically, GAME drops have proved quite successful for those on the hunt for the next-gen console, so we'd advise staying on high alert throughout the week to increase your chances.

Other retailers rumoured for restocks include Amazon (13th -21st July) and Smyths (9th - 16th July).

We'll be back with you for all the latest as soon as we hear more!


UPDATE 2 July: As the new month gets underway, a fresh batch of rumours and predictions appear to be hitting social media.

The latest revolves around online retailers Very and specifically, when they're likely to restock.

According to PS5instant, it's claimed that Very's shipments are expected between 12-19th July, which would place a potential stock drop fairly late in the month in comparison to GAME.

GAME has been tipped for a drop as early as 6th July, however, we think it may be more likely later in the month also.

We'll be back with you next week with all the latest!

UPDATE 1 July: A new month is here, and we're here to give you everything you need to know surrounding the latest ps5 restocks, rumours, predictions and more.

Scan was the last retailer of the month to drop in June, but for those of you who missed out don't fret, as we'll likely be seeing more opportunities soon.

In fact, the latest rumours point to GAME potentially releasing stock in under a week, which while unconfirmed does give us some hope that we won't have to wait too long for another chance.

There may be a possibility we'll see a stock drop from another retailer before then, so stay on high alert!

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Which UK Retailers Stock PS5?

The good news is there are seemingly more chances than ever to grab a PS5 in the UK, with multiple retailers stocking the console.

We have individual pages for most of these retailers below, where you can check all the latest stock news.


Gfinity Deals Top Tips To Get A PS5

The more PS5 stock drops, the more we learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to getting securing the console.

We're by no means saying that these will guarantee you success, but it's worth doing them if you're not already to increase your chances.

Be prepared for a midnight drop

We've seen PS5 stock appear at some fairly inconvenient times, notably with Argos, who dropped stock in the middle of the night.

If there's a rumour circulating, we don't advise staying up, but if you're up already it could be worth being on high alert!

The Wishlist Technique


Amazon users have seen some good success with adding the PS5 to their wishlist and then purchasing from there.

It's a technique that appears to be making the rounds and could be well worth trying for yourself if you're on the hunt.

Pre-filling Account Details

More often than not, it comes down to mere seconds to get your PS5, and one way you can shave off sometimes is by making sure your account details are all ready to go on your selected retailer.

Go for the bundles!

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice and one that circulated around even when the PS5 was released initially.

Popularity for a bundle that comes with a shirt, extra controller, charging station and so on, is seemingly less than the standalone console. Head of that way to partially avoid the traffic! 

Best of luck everyone, and be sure to check back in for all the latest!

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