PS5 Smyths Restock: Is Smyths Restocking TODAY?

When it comes to bagging a PS5, it's certainly a challenge, but if recent rumours are true we could be getting a restock at Smyths sooner than we thought.

We've just had the UK PS5 restock for Amazon, and there may well be a BIG stock drop for Amazon US coming today, but what about the rumoured Smyths drop? 

Let's take a look at what we know so far and remember, for all the latest stock drops as we get them, be sure to follow @GfinityDealsUK and @GfinityDealsUSA to be first in line!

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PS5 Smyths Restock

UPDATE 19 April: After a long time with next to no announcements from Smyths, we may finally have some insight as to when the retailer will next restock.

PS5 Digital is marked as back in stock in April 2021, while the PS5 disc version is set for re-stock in May 2021 - according to the product listings.

There have been notable delays in PS stock this month, which some credit to the Evergreen incident and chip shortages.

While these dates may be subject to change, it may well be the case that Smyths is the UK's hopeful for a PS5 drop this month.

Head over to our central PS5 UK Stock hub here for more details.

Week Commencing 29 March: While we've heard loads of rumours pointing towards a restock for Smyths, nothing has come to fruition just yet. However, if the latest post by @PS5Ustock, 'Smyths is currently on high alert.'

They go on to advise o be 'careful refreshing the store page too much, you get bot banned'.

Refreshing the page multiple times seems to have worked in the past with other retailers, however, with more steps being taken to combat bots, it may prove counter-productive in upcoming drops.

We'll be on high alert and let you know on GfinityDealsUK.

Week Commencing 22nd March: Some rumours pointed towards a PS5 stock drop for Smyths, amongst other retailers, for this week, and it appears that one did occur, but was incredibly short-lived.

Smyths dropped stock around 4.30 pm on 24 March, and according to comments on Twitter, it was sold out in seconds.

What does this mean for the next drop? Well, we'll have to wait and see, but we'd assume it would be unlikely to be this month as we head closer to April.

Week Commencing 15th March: While some rumours of the massive stock drop pointed towards later this week for Smyths, we're yet to see anything else as of yet...including any confirmation from Smyths themselves.

As usual, we've got our ear very close to the ground, but we'd say that all eyes are focussed on Amazon US right now, with reportedly 46,000 PS5 units becoming available today.

Set your notifications to loud!

What time is the Smyths PS5 Restock?

As we've seen, there is rarely a set time for stock drops, and it would be the same case for the potential Smyths PS5 stock drop also. 

With some retailers like Argos dropping PS5's in the middle of the night, it's best not to rule anything out, so having one eye on your notification throughout the week could be a good way to go.

PS5 Amazon
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COMING SOON? Some rumours point towards a stock drop as early as this week!

Where else should you look for PS5 Stock?

Some of the key retailers you'll want to keep an eye out for include GAME, John Lewis, Amazon, Very and Argos.

We'll do our very best to keep you completely updated with everything PS5 stock related to these retailers and more at GfinityDealsUK and GfinityDealsUSA.

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