'Massive' PS5 stock drop expected this week

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A ‘massive’ PS5 stock update could be on the cards this week, some media are reporting.

John Lewis, Smyths and GAME are amongst a handful of the retailers who have received stock this month – but according to stock watchers, more are planned.

@PS5StockAlertUK said: "Amazon UK will be dropping beginning of next week (15th-17th) & Smyths Toys to drop end of next week (18th-20th)."


Amazon, Smyths and Currys are all poised to reportedly have Sony's flagship console on sale this week. For those waiting to grab one from GAME, you may need to wait a while. The retailer confirmed they’ll be restocking on Friday, March 26.

As cited in the Birmingham Mail, the stock tracker confirmed: "UPDATE: Possible restocks starting from tomorrow: Amazon : 15-18th March (9am-2pm) Smyths : 18-20th March (1pm-9pm) Currys: 15-18th March (7am-10am)."

One of the larger drops will be at Currys, where you need to sign up to a Priority Pass before then acquiring a PS5 buying code which is valid for 72 hours.

But the big question is, who's next! Well, it looks like Amazon may be just around the corner, so it's best to stay on high alert.

For everything, we know of Amazon's PS5 restock, head over here.




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Our very own Ramzi Musa, who runs the Gfinity Deals Twitter handle, has helped a ton of people get their hands on a PS5. Here are his best tips to give you the edge if and when a stock drop lands.

“Make sure to set up alerts on Twitter. You may get bombarded, but it's worth it to make sure you don't miss anything,” he said.

“Try adding the PS5 to your wishlist ahead of time. Some people have had some luck with this technique, so always worth giving a shot!

“Finally, make sure you're up early! With no concrete time given for stock drops, it pays to over-prepare. Set those alarms and best of luck!