Pokémon GO Cresselia Counters and Best Moves

January 3, 2022: Cresselia is no longer available in five-star raids. We don't know when it's expected to return.

Whether you're looking for the best Pokémon GO Cresselia counters for raid or PVP purposes, you've come to the right place. Despite the Crescent Moon Pokémon not being part of the Pokémon GO raid boss roster right now, there's no harm in prepping a team for when it inevitably comes back.

We don't know when exactly Pokémon GO Cresselia counters will be relevant for raid purposes next, but this bulky Pokémon does show up in PVP teams from time to time. And if you're having trouble besting one (or what to build your own) you'll want to read on.

Deep into Pokémon GO again this Autumn? We never stopped updating our extensive game section. Right now, you'll want to focus on beating the Team GO Rocket Leaders to unlock Giovanni and catch a Shadow Lugia. To get started, check out the best Arlo counters, Sierra counters, and Cliff counters. You don't have long to try your hand at the game's true challenge.

How Do I Catch Cresselia in Pokémon GO?

Cresselia is no longer available in Pokémon GO raids. It last appeared on December 1, 2021, and was replaced by Zekrom and Reshiram at the start of the Season of Heritage event.

Cresselia, a legendary Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, made its Pokémon GO debut a number of years ago now. Though it occasionally reenters the raid roster during less-focused events, it commonly takes its place atop five-star raids around the holidays.

Its recent release came as a surprise during the Shining Pearl leg of the latest Pokémon GO event. Before this, it was last seen in July of this year.

What Are the Best Pokémon GO Cresselia Counters?

Fast Move
Charged Move
Foul Play
Shadow Ball
Foul Play
Psycho Cut
Shadow Ball
Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse

The best Pokémon GO Cresselia counters are Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type Pokémon.

Dark-type moves are your best bet against Cresselia, with those who resist its attacks, like Tyranitar, Mewtwo, and Houndoom, all being excellent options with the right movesets.

Shadow versions of these Pokémon will all deal noticeably more damage, but as you'll have needed to TM Frustration away during a very small window, only a slim number of players will get that luxury. Similarly, Mega Blastoise is a good option with the Bite/Hydro Cannon setup.

What Are the Cresselia Raid Moves?

Fast Moves
Charged Moves
Psycho Cut, Confusion
Aurora Beam, Moonblast, Future Sight

Cresselia is always going to be attacking with a Psychic-type Fast Move. That's why picking something like Tyranitar or Mewtwo can work so well; they'll resist most of the damage, leaving you free to focus on dodging Charged Moves.

When it comes to charged moves, there's more coverage. There's Aurora Beam (Ice), Moonblast (Fairy), and Future Sight (Psychic). That final one will make a team of Dark-type Pokémon really shine, but Moonblast can throw a spanner in the works. Aurora Beam won't really bother any of the major counters. It's not that strong a skill, either.

The best Pokémon GO Cresselia counters will get you this rare raid Pokémon.
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What Are the Best Pokémon GO Cresselia Moves?

Fast Move
Charged Move
Future Sight

Cresselia isn't recommended in any PVE fight due to its high durability but low damage. Given you can't put it into a gym, where bulky Pokémon are generally preferred, it doesn't have much going for it. That being said, if you're without many Psychic-type Pokémon, you may as well put it to use with Confusion and Future Sight. The rest of its moves aren't worth thinking about.

What Is the Pokémon GO Cresselia Catch Rate?

  • Mimimum: 1.67% percent chance
  • Maximum: 15.65% chance

When it comes to catching Cresselia at the end of a raid, be ready for a struggle.

With no berry, curveball, or medal in play, you have a 1.67–3.04% chance to snag this depending on the quality of your throw. At the upper end with all the bells and whistles in play, you have between 8.91–15.65% chance depending on your throw.

Can Cresselia Be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

In Pokémon GO, Cresselia can be shiny.

You have roughly a 1/20 chance of encountering Shiny Cresselia at the end of its raid. This bumps up the catch rate to 100%.

Is Cresselia Good in PVP?

  • Great League: Yes
  • Ultra League: Meta
  • Master League: No

Cresselia is a pretty good option in PVP right now. Just don't take it into a Master League battle. Its low maximum CP won't do you any favours there.

Stick to Great League and Ultra League with Cresselia. There, its bulk will put it in line with using Blissey in a gym. You'll be a wall most won't want to deal with. In Great League, Cresselia can slowly beat down plenty of opponents with its strong Psychic-type moves and high durability.

In Ultra League, this is even more potent with Moonblast being a great counter to the common Giratina. Most will have to go with Future Sight for a Charged Move, but those with Grass Knot Cresselia may be able to catch some Pokémon off guard.

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