Pokémon GO Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra Teams for March 2022

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March 1, 2022: We checked to ensure the Pokémon GO Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra teams haven't changed this month.

The Pokémon GO Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra teams for March 2022 are in, just in time for the Power Plant event. So if you're trying to track down Giovanni for a Shadow Lugia, you'll need to know what his gatekeepers use. This time, they're serious, with powerful Pokémon like Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Scizor on their side.


Going after the big boss means taking on Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra first. These three are some of the most difficult battles you'll face in Pokémon GO, requiring great counters with high CP, the right movesets, patience, strategy, and understanding of the Pokémon you're going up against.

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Whether you've beaten them before or are new to the game, we have a bunch of other guides that might help you: From our Season of Heritage guide to our Pokémon GO best Pokémon list. That last would will help ensure you're only funnelling rare resources into the best critters.

Here's the new Pokémon GO Arlo team for November 2021.

What Pokémon Does Alro Use in Pokémon GO? - Pokemon GO Arlo Lineup

First Pokémon Second Pokémon Third Pokémon
BagonCharizard, Blastoise, SteelixScizor, Dragonite, Salamence

If you want a chance at bagging a Shadow Bagon, you're going to have to learn how to deal with powerful Pokémon like Dragonite, Salamence, and Blastoise. Rock-type Pokémon will generally be a great idea here, so Rhyperior users shouldn't have too much trouble.


Go up against Scizor, though, and you'll soon find out why it's a popular PVP pick. One charged move will take it down, but fail to pull it off and you'll be shredded by its fast attacks.

Unlike the other two Team GO Rocket Leaders, we already know every single Pokémon Arlo brings to the table this March.

Here's the Pokémon GO Cliff team for March.

What Pokémon Does Cliff Use in Pokémon GO? - Pokémon GO Cliff Lineup

First Pokémon Second Pokémon Third Pokémon
TeddiursaElectrivire, Marowak, OmastarTyranitar, Torterra, ???

Right now, Cliff has a stacked team. Teddiursa won't cause you too much trouble, but fighting against Marowak Electrivire, or Omastar in the second round will test your skill. Then, you'll have to fight either Tyranitar or Torterra to take home the prize.


We currently don't know what Cliff's final third Pokémon is, but we'll be sure to update this guide when we have sufficient evidence of what the Team GO Rocket brute can bring in his final slot.

Here's the Pokémon GO Sierra team for March.

What Pokémon Does Sierra Use in Pokémon GO? - Pokémon GO Sierra Lineup

First Pokémon Second Pokémon Third Pokémon
PoliwagExeggutor, Lapras, ???Houndoom, ???, ???

Sierra now brings Poliwag, a Shadow Pokémon with two distinctly different final evolutions to choose from. Beyond that, she's packing raid-favourite Exeggutor and the fairly rare (and bulky) Lapras. Lastly, there's Houndoom to contend with, which shouldn't be too difficult for something like Machamp to deal with right now. The rest of her team has yet to be discovered, but we'll update this guide when we hear more.


And that's it for the latest iteration of the Team GO Rocket trio. If you're banking on besting these three leaders in time to take on Giovanni, get grinding Stardust from any ongoing events and pump it straight into the prime counters for each. It won't be long until Giovanni slithers away again, leaving little reason to take these three on until his triumphant return.

A previous version of this guide was written by James Wright.