Pokemon GO Leader Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra teams (March 2023) - Rocket Takeover lineup

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March 10, 2023. We've updated our list to include the new Pokemon GO Leader Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra teams from the February 2023 Rocket Takeover event.

The Pokemon GO Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra teams for the February 2023 Rocket Takeover event have carried over. If you're trying to track down Giovanni for a Shadow Registeel, you'll need to know what his gatekeepers use. This time, they're serious, with powerful Pokémon like Lapras, Tyranitar, and Scizor to fend you off.

Going after the big boss means taking on Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra first. These three leaders are some of the most difficult battles you'll face in Pokemon Go, requiring great counters with high CP, the right movesets, patience, strategy, and understanding of the Pokémon you're going up against.

Whether you've beaten them before or are new to the game, we have a bunch of other guides that might help you: From our Pokemon Go eggs chart to our Pokemon GO best Pokemon list. That last would will help ensure you're only funnelling rare resources into the best critters.

What Pokemon does Arlo use in Pokemon Go? - Pokemon Go Arlo lineup

First Pokémon Second Pokémon Third Pokémon
Nidoran (m)Crobat, Steelix, CradilyCharizard, Scizor, Armaldo

For the February 2023 Rocket Takeover event, Arlo has shaken up his team quite a bit. You'll find Nidoran (m) returning as his first. That isn't too exciting as a reward, but it's an easy target.

Here's the new Pokémon GO Arlo team for November 2021.
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In his second slot, you'll face off against either Crobat, Steelix, or Cradily, making it a tricky lineup to successfully prepare for.

Finally, Arlo will rely on either Charizard, Armaldo, or Scizor to deal the final blow, making it another difficult slot to take on with your first attempt. For help, check out the Pokemon Go Arlo counters we have on hand.

What Pokemon does Cliff use in Pokemon Go? - Pokemon Go Cliff lineup

First Pokémon Second Pokémon Third Pokémon
MagnemiteVenusaur, Pinsir, OmastarTyranitar, Sharpedo, Camerupt

Cliff kicks things off with Magnemite. It won't put up much of a fight, but catch it and evolve it into a Shadow Magnezone, and you'll have a very power Electric-type Pokemon on your side.

Here's the Pokémon GO Cliff team for March.
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In the second slot, look out for Venusaur, Pinsir, or Omastar. This slot shouldn't be too tricky, but they're all either fast attackers or particularly bulky, so save those Charged Attacks.

To cap things off, Tyranitar, Sharpedo, or Camerupt will emerge as the final barrier in this fight. They'll all fall quickly to a Fighting-type attacker, so don't expect too much of a struggle there. To make things easier, check out our Pokemon GO Cliff counters guide.

What Pokemon does Sierra use in Pokemon Go? - Pokemon Go Sierra Lineup

First Pokémon Second Pokémon Third Pokémon
BeldumLapras, Sharpedo, FlygonHoundoom, Shiftry, Alakazam

Last, but never least, is Sierra. She's rocking a Beldum with plenty of potential, but it should act great Charged Attack fodder to whittle away her shields. Evolve it for a potent Shadow Metagross.

Here's the Pokémon GO Sierra team for March.
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After that, you'll have to content with Lapras or Flygon. She's also putting a Sharpedo to use just like Cliff. It's another situation where a Fighting-type attacker is a good pick.

Lastly, Houndoom Shiftry, or Alakazam will show up in an attempt to finish you off. The former two will fall to a Fighting-type attacker again, but Alakazam will counter them hard. For a few pointers, check out our Pokemon Go Sierra counters guide.

And that's it for the latest iteration of the Team GO Rocket trio. If you're banking on besting these three leaders in time to take on Giovanni, get grinding Stardust from any ongoing events and pump it straight into the prime counters for each. It won't be long until Giovanni slithers away again, leaving little reason to take these three on until his triumphant return.

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