Pokémon GO Reshiram Counters and Best Moves

Looking to tackle the Vast White Pokémon? Well, Pokémon GO Reshriam counters are freely available. Now back on the raid podium for the start of the Season of Heritage, preparing a team of powerful Ground-type Pokémon will give you a decent chance of taking down this fan-favourite creature and potentially adding its shiny varient to your collection.

As is the case with any five-star Pokémon GO raid, taking on a legendary like Reshiram alone isn't a great idea. As such, be sure to only take the best Pokémon GO Reshiram counters if you're teaming up with friends. You wouldn't want to run out of revives and be left without your best Pokémon when reinforcements come along.

And if you haven't yet caught up with what's going on in Pokémon GO these days, we've recently updated our guides on the Team GO Rocket leaders like Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. Beating them will get you an audience with Giovanni and his Shadow Lugia.

What Are the Best Pokémon GO Reshiram Counters for Raids?

Fast Move
Charged Move
Dragon Breath
Dragon Tail
Dragon Breath
Draco Meteor
Mud Shot
Play Rough
Smack Down
Stone Edge
Smack Down
Rock Slide
Rock Throw
Rock Slide

Don't let its white colourings deceive you: Reshiram is a dual Fire/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon. Unlike another popular Dragon-type raid boss like Rayquaza, there are no quad-damage opportunities here.

Typical Dragon-type counters like Dragon, Ground, and Fairy still deal super-effective damage, but the staple elements like Water, Fire, and Grass will struggle. Being generally more powerful than other Pokémon, fighting dragon with dragon can work. Just don't use Dragon-type Pokémon against Dragon Breath/Draco Meteor Reshiram.

Pokémon GO Reshiram counters almost mirror Zekrom counters—its typical raid roster buddy. The only major difference is that being a Fire-type rather than an Electric-type Pokémon makes Ice-type a big no-no. Instead, it's best to look focus on Rock and Ground-type Pokémon and moves to deal super-effective damage while resisting its Fire-type attacks. Staples like Rhyperior and Tyranitar work a treat, but even the rarely-seen Omastar can pack a punch thanks to its typing.

Fairy-type Pokémon are also generally off-limits. They'll deal decent damage, but they are generally too soft to withstand taking super-effective damage from Reshiram's Fire-type moves.

What Are the Best Pokémon GO Reshiram Moves?

Fire Fang / Overheat
Fire Fang / Overheat
Fire Fang / Draco Meteor
Fire Fang / Draco Meteor

Whether it's PVP or PVE, the best Reshiram movesets are virtually the same. Damage simulations show Fire Fang and Overheat as the top-performing moveset, with Fire Fang and Draco Meteor falling close behind. The first will work great against Pokémon weak to Fire-type moves, but for extra coverage in more battles, swapping out Overheat for Draco Meteor will yield good results.

Pokémon GO Reshiram raids can be shiny.
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Can Pokémon GO Reshiram be Shiny?

As of December 1, 2021, you can find a Pokémon GO Reshiram shiny variant in-game. If caught from a raid, there's a 1/20 chance shiny Reshiram if you defeat it. Shiny raid Pokémon have a 100% chance to be caught.

What Is the Pokémon GO Reshiram Perfect CP?

Pefect IV
Perfect IV (in Windy/Sunny)

The CP values you'll want to look for in Reshiram raids is 2307 in standard conditions (level 20), and 2884 in Sunny or Windy conditions (level 25). If you see either of those numbers at the end of a Reshiram raid, you've found a "hundo" perfect IV Reshiram. Congratulations.

What Is the Pokémon GO Reshiram Weather Boost?

  • Sunny
  • Windy

As a dual Fire/Dragon-type Pokémon, the perfect Reshiram weather boosts come from both the Sunny and Windy weather type. Of course, you'll ideally want your Reshiram moveset to benefit from this boost as well.

Can You Duo a Pokémon GO Reshiram Raid?

It's possible to duo a Pokémon GO Reshiram raid. It requires the absolute best counters, impeccable dodges, and preferred weather conditions that don't boost Reshiram as well, but it can be done.

Ideally, you'd need to use Ground-type Pokémon in Clear weather or Rock-type Pokémon and moves in Partly Cloudy weather. Failing that, pair up with four or five others and just bring your best Pokémon GO Reshiram counters.

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