Pokémon GO Zekrom Counters and Best Moves

You might be happy to hear that Pokémon GO Zekrom counters are plentiful right now. Popping up to kick off the Season of Heritage, going in with a proper team prepped will give you a decent chance of taking it down and making bringing home a shiny Zekrom while you're at it.

As is the case with any five-star Pokémon GO raid, taking it on alone really isn't suggested. In fact, it's practically impossible. As such, be sure to only take the best Pokémon GO Zekrom counters into battle with a few other people by your side. You wouldn't want to run out of revives and be left without them when reinforcements come along.

And if you haven't yet caught up with what's going on in Pokémon GO these days, we've recently updated our guides on the Team GO Rocket leaders like Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. Beating them will get you an audience with Giovanni and his Shadow Lugia.

What Are the Best Pokémon GO Zekrom Counters for Raids?

Fast Move
Charged Move
Dragon Breath
Dragon Tail
Dragon Breath
Draco Meteor
Mud Shot
Play Rough
Dazzling Gleam

Zekrom is a dual Electric/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon. Unlike some past Dragon-type Pokémon with the Flying-type secondary like Rayquaza, there are no quad-damage opportunities with this pairing, but typical Dragon-type counters like Dragon, Ice, and Fairy still deal super-effective damage, making many staple dragon counters still work wonders here. If you go up against a Zekrom with Outrage, do not bring Dragon-type Pokémon along for the ride.

The Pokémon GO Zekrom counters listed above are those that take the least amount of damage while still dealing super-effective damage to Zekrom, which makes them great all-rounders and Pokémon most players will have on hand. Many others exist, though. High damage options like Landorus (Therian), Kyurem, Gardevoir, and Glaceon will work but will require more back-up teams or extra players to finish the fight.

The key to finding Pokémon GO Zekrom counters is to spot Pokémon that can exploit its Dragon, Ice, Ground, and Fairy-type weaknesses. Making sure to pick Pokémon who share a type with their best moves will help them deal more damage as well through the same-type-attack-bonus (STAB) feature.

What Are the Best Pokémon GO Zekrom Moves?

Charge Beam / Wild Charge
Charge Beam / Wild Charge
Dragon Breath / Wild Charge
Dragon Breath / Wild Charge

Regardless of whether it's used in PVP or PVE, the best Zekrom movesets are identical. In damage simulators, a Charge Beam and Wild Charge combo is the strongest. If you want more type coverage, however, Dragon Breath and Wild Charge can offer that with a virtually unnoticeable damage decrease.

Pokémon GO Zekrom raids can be shiny.
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Can Pokémon GO Zekrom be Shiny?

As of December 1, 2021, you can find a Pokémon GO Zekrom shiny variant in-game. In raids, there's a 1/20 chance you'll get a shiny Zekrom if you defeat it in a raid. Shiny raid Pokémon have a 100% chance to be caught.

What Is the Pokémon GO Zekrom Perfect CP?

Pefect IV
Perfect IV (in Windy/Rain)

The CP values you'll want to watch for in Zekrom raids is 2307 in standard conditions (level 20), and 2884 in Rainy or Windy conditions (level 25). If you see either of those numbers at the end of a Zekrom raid, you've found a "hundo" perfect IV Zekrom.

What Is the Pokémon GO Zekrom Weather Boost?

  • Rain
  • Windy

As both an Electric and Dragon-type Pokémon, Zekrom is boosted by Rainy and Windy weather.

Can You Duo a Pokémon GO Zekrom Raid?

While it's possible to duo a Pokémon GO Zekrom raid, it requires the absolute best counters, impeccable dodges, and preferred weather conditions that don't boost Zekrom itself, which can be difficult with the Dragon-type Pokémon who counter themselves.

Ideally, you'd need to use Ground-type Pokémon in Clear weather, Ice-type Pokémon in Snowy weather, or Fairy-type Pokémon in Cloudy weather to stand the best chance. Failing that, pair up with four or five others and just bring your best Pokémon GO Zekrom counters.

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