Phasmophobia: How to Find Ghost Orbs

From the Phasmophobia van, players can watch any Video Camera's they have set up to find a Ghost Orb.

From the Phasmophobia van, players can watch any Video Camera's they have set up to find a Ghost Orb.

Whether you've been playing Phasmophobia for five hours or five months, getting accustomed to finding the various types of evidence can take a while. Some pieces are trickier to acquire than others, one of them being Ghost Orbs. However, at least you can try and collect this one from a safe distance - from the van.

In this guide, we explain what Ghost Orbs are, how to find them, and what ghost types they're evidence of.

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How to Find Ghost Orbs

Ghost Orbs are exactly as you would imagine, in that they are small, floating, circular glimpses of light that can only be seen using a Video Camera or Head-Mounted Camera. To know what you're looking for, we captured one in the image above; they are very small and will move quite quickly, so be attentive!

Firstly, you will need to work out which room the ghost is based in. This can be narrowed down using the EMF Reader or the Thermometer. Once this has been established, there are two routes you can consider going down when looking for Ghost Orbs:

  • Place a stationary Video Camera within the ghost room using a Tripod. This can then be monitored from the van, alongside other players Head-Mounted Cameras.
  • Monitor the Video Camera whilst holding it and in the room.

The first option is much safer than the second, but can be time-consuming when that player could be actively doing something else. However, time in the van isn't completely wasted, as the player can switch between looking for Ghost Orbs to monitoring the team's Sanity.

The second option is likely to help you find Ghost Orbs much quicker than the first. The ghost's presence will regularly move around, and quite quickly too. Therefore, it can be a while before a Ghost Orb may grace the presence of a stationary Video Camera. Meanwhile, if you or another player is using the Video Camera as a handheld, it is much easier to follow the Ghost Orbs and confirm them as evidence.

Possible Ghosts Detected Using Ghost Orbs

The Evidence Journal in Phasmophobia, displaying which ghost types show a Ghost Orb as evidence.
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Much like with other evidence that is collected when playing Phasmophobia, Ghost Orbs can indicate the presence of various types of ghosts. More evidence will need to be found to confirm which one you're dealing with, but Ghost Orbs are evidence that investigators are facing one of the following types:

  • Yurei
  • Yokai
  • Banshee
  • Mare
  • Revenant
  • Hantu

Now that you have reduced the possibility of which ghost you're dealing with from a possible sixteen to just six, completing the contract should feel much easier. Next, you'll want to go hunting for the likes of Fingerprints or Ghost Writing to help confirm your suspicions. Alternatively, if you need to ward off a ghost from hunting while you collect their final pieces of evidence, it's useful to have a Crucifix or two available.

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