Phasmophobia: How to Use the Thermometer

As you and your team take on the role of paranormal investigators in Phasmophobia, your main duty is to collect evidence. There is a wide range of equipment that can be used to precisely track which type of ghost you're dealing with and get those sweet points. One key piece of equipment that should be taken on every contract is the Thermometer.

In this guide, we've explained how to use the Thermometer and which ghost types will trigger Freezing Temperatures.

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How to Use The Thermometer

The Thermometer is used to detect Freezing Temperatures within the six-metre radius that the player using it is facing. Temperatures on the Thermometer are displayed in Celsius once it's turned on unless changed to Fahrenheit.

The Thermometer is a vital piece of equipment to take with you on all contracts, as it can be used to determine the presence of multiple ghost types. If the temperature shown on the device is 10C or below, this typically indicates that there is a ghostly presence nearby, likely just in the next room! However, if the maps Fuse Box is turned off, the temperature of the house, prison, or school you're exploring will slowly drop to 5C.

To actually confirm that the Thermometer is providing evidence of a ghost, you will need Freezing Temperatures that are below 0C to be able to put this into your Journal and narrow down your search. Freezing Temperatures are additionally confirmed by the air that you and other players will breathe. Just like if it was freezing in real life, you will begin to breathe clouds of cold air that will be visible on the screen.

Possible Ghosts Detected With Freezing Temperatures

A ghost can be seen in a doorway in its hunting phase in Phasmophobia.
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The Thermometer, when it reads Freezing Temperatures, acts as evidence for multiple types of ghosts. To learn more about what other evidence you should seek after this, we have a guide on all ghost types and their evidence here. Additionally, all the ghost types that will show Freezing Temperatures are listed below:

  • Hantu
  • Shade
  • Jinn
  • Revenant
  • Yurei
  • Oni
  • Demon

Once you've confirmed that you've encountered Freezing Temperatures, your next step should be looking for Fingerprints or trying to encourage Ghost Writing. We wish you luck trying not to scare yourself senseless as you commence with your ghost hunting! And don't forget to keep an eye on the Sanity levels of yourself and other players so that you don't risk becoming victim to one of the many ghastly ghouls that Phasmophobia contains.

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