Phasmophobia: How to Use The DOTS Projector

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In Phasmophobia, the DOTS Projector projects laser green dots around a room when mounted to a wall.

Phasmophobia has been far from unsuccessful even though it is still in Early Access, and the recent Exposition Update saw the game feel almost brand new with all of its improvements. Kinetic Games introduced bug fixes, new ghosts, maps, and new items to make your time as a paranormal investigator feel simultaneously more realistic and more fun. One of the many new pieces of equipment that was introduced was the DOTS Projector.

In this guide, we explain what the DOTS Projector is, how to use it, and which ghosts it will help you to detect.

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How to Use the DOTS Projector

The DOTS Projector is a small black device that can be mounted on the wall. Once mounted, it'll issue a range of green dots around a small area of the room and will show if ghosts are running through it at all.

When it comes to using the DOTS Projector, it can be quite difficult to see when a ghost is actually running through it. Ghosts in Phasmophobia are incredibly fast for the most part, so it can be relatively easy to miss if you're off doing other things. One of the recommended ways in which you can get the most out of the DOTS Projector is by setting up a Video Camera facing its radius, turning night vision on, and then monitoring the camera rather than the projector itself. Doing this will make the ghosts a little easier to see as they run through the projector, and you can even watch the camera from a safe distance while in the van!

More specifically too, the Goryo ghost will only be able to be seen using the Video Camera, so using the camera and projector in conjunction is certainly the way to go if you want to track down those pesky ghosts.

Possible Ghosts Detected Using the DOTS Projector

Phasmophobia's DOTS Projector on a wall in the farmhouse's kitchen.
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The DOTS Projector can act as evidence for multiple ghost types. You'll have to gather other evidence to confirm which ghost you're dealing with, but if one of your pieces of evidence is the DOTS Projector, the possible ghosts are as follows:

  • Goryo
  • Banshee
  • Oni
  • Yokai
  • Yurei
  • Wraith
  • Phantom

With that information, you should be able to collect evidence using the DOTS Projector easily, rather than staring at green orbs for half of your contract without any luck. If you want to try completing some extra objectives while you hunt away on Phasmophobia, we recommend having a look for Bone Evidence and Dirty Water.

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